Club Support Seminars

Is your club (or a club you support) struggling with low membership, low participation, and low meeting quality? If so, plan to attend the District 35 Club Support Seminars. This training series will consist of a team of experienced Toastmasters lending their support to clubs by hosting a series of one-hour sessions focused on building club membership and improving club quality. Each session will consist of a 30-minute presentation on a specific topic, followed by a 30-minute open discussion on that topic.

Sessions will be held on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from 7:00pm-8:00pm beginning January 16, 2022. Attendance is open to all, but highly recommended for Club President and Vice Presidents Membership.

Please visit the district calendar for complete scheduling and Zoom link information.

Proposed dates, topics, and presenters (subject to change):
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Gail Rust


Think Like a Caveman: Overcoming Fear

Yvonne Lumsden-Dill


Corporate Club Membership Strategies

Jim Vitrano


A Guest Comes to your meeting. Now what to do?

Scott Kazin


Listen to Toastmasters International newest accredited speaker, Dr. Kevin Snyder, give an inspiring and motivating keynote speech.

Dr. Kevin Snyder, Ed.D.


A Forward-Looking Future for a Stronger District 35  
Seasoned presenter Tom Carlson presents on how to make our district stronger in the future.

Tom Carlson, DTM


Phyllis Kombol, DTM


Toastmaster Sales Cycle
Club Growth Director, Robert Wall, will present on the Toastmasters Sales Cycle. Have you ever wondered how to talk to people about Toastmasters? Robert covers how to talk to the people you meet, as well as how to convert guests to members.

Robert Wall, DTM, CGD


Cleaning up Hybrid Meetings
This session will cover all aspects of how to conduct effective Hybrid Meetings. Tom Carlson and David Kocol will conduct this session. The first 30 minutes will be devoted to instructions and the last 30 minutes to open discussion and Q&A. Tom Carlson, DTM is the Vision Leader for a Strong District 35. David Kocol, ACB, ALB has a strong background in Zoom technology. The session begins with the premise that in-person attendance must remain the core of club meetings, but that Zoom will take Toastmasters into the New Future for Toastmasters if conducted professionally. District 35 is not there yet, but with professionally run Hybrid Meetings, we can and must get there quickly with little or no cost.

Tom Carlson, DTM
David Kocol, ACB, ALB


Conducting A Membership Drive
This session is a review of the basics of General membership drives and discussion of how clubs can focus efforts for maximum impact. 

Theresa Flynn


Running a Successful Board Meeting
Take away some tips on how to run an effective board meeting.

Cindy Laatsch


Conflict Resolution
In Toastmasters, as in life, we may see conflict. Tonight we’ll have an interactive conversation about what it is, how we feel about it and how knowing yourself is often the key. 

Cindy Laatsch


Effective Club Coaching
There have been many positive changes to the club coaching program that went into effect on July 1, 2022. These include a required club coach module be completed prior to being assigned. We will highlight those changes as well as have a practical conversation on what it really takes to be a success at club coaching. Beyond the Toastmasters materials.

Paul Arnhold


How To Take Notes So People Want To Read Them
Do you take meeting notes but feel like no one ever reads them? Are they relegated to an obscure file somewhere “just in case”? Join Jill as she discusses how to write meeting notes that people will actually read.

Jill Keating


Corporate Clubs – Internal Marketing
Corporate Toastmasters clubs are different from Community Toastmasters clubs in several ways and the methods we use to market these clubs are different too. Why do some corporate clubs thrive and others fold within a year? In retrospect, it’s easy to see how corporate clubs succeed or fail.

Keith Cumiskey


Creating The Best Club Climate
A club’s climate is the deciding factor in whether guests become members of our clubs and whether those members continue to participate and remain active. The learning environment and member interactions sets a unique mood to your club which influences the performance and growth of all your club members. In this club coach session, six different topics will be shared and discussed in regard to Creating the Best Club Climate. Come take a listen and see if your club needs to take some proactive steps to continue to thrive in District 35.

Kris Pool


Setting The Stage For Success: Meeting Roles & Responsibilities 
In a quality meeting, every role contributes to the meeting’s success. Mark will lead us with a presentation and discussion on the importance of each club meeting role in creating a positive learning experience.

Mark Robinson


Hybrid Meetings
Mandates from the pandemic shut down Toastmasters and we were advised to continue with virtual meetings. It would be easy, all you needed was a laptop. Now we know it was not all that easy. A face-to-face meeting and Zoom meetings cannot be run as “one size fits all.” This presentation will take you through the process to make two run as one.

Tom Carlson, DTM


Speechcraft is a blended learning program designed to provide optimal support for learners interested in building their communication and public speaking skills. The directed learning portion of Speechcraft is delivered by an experienced public speaker, most often a member of Toastmasters International. The follow-up, or individual, learning intended to support the in-person sessions is delivered online through interactive materials designed specifically for adult learners. Learn how single-digit clubs have successfully presented Speechcraft and been able to re-energize their clubs.

Dick Hawley


Organizing An Open House
We’ll discuss the importance of hosting an Open House to build club membership. We will focus on the planning and implementation of an Open House, and well as having a debriefing discussion with the team on what went well and what can be improved for next time. And let’s not forget the importance of following up with the guests that attended!

Carol Mather


New Member Mentoring
Providing a successful mentoring experience to new and returning Toastmasters goes a long way when recruiting, retaining, and helping Toastmasters feel a part of their clubs. This evening, Susan will share her experience with mentoring new members.

Susan Brushafer


Going Beyond Finding New Members For Your Club
Have you ever been stumped with how to add new members to your Toastmasters club? Mark A. Robinson, DTM is here to help you find your perfect process. Are you ready to learn his techniques for keeping your membership building on ‘PAR’?

Mark Robinson


Moments Of Truth
A “moment of truth” is an episode where a person comes in contact with any aspect of the Toastmasters experience and forms an impression of a club’s quality and service. What impressions are giving to your potential and current members? Schedule time with your club to facilitate a Moments of Truth session.

Kris Pool