Hybrid Meetings

Presented by Tom Carlson, DTM
Club Coaching Virtual Sessions, April 3, 2022

Mandates from the pandemic shut down Toastmasters and we were advised to
continue with virtual meetings. It would be easy, all you needed was a laptop.
Now we know it was not all that easy. A face-to-face meeting and Zoom meetings
cannot be run as “one size fits all.”

Now we call combined meetings “Hybrid Meetings.” To make an
in-person and virtual meeting feel as one combined experience, there are tips
for Hybrid Meetings. This presentation will take you through the process to
make two run as one.

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Photo of Tom Carlson

About the presenter:
Tom Carlson, DTM

Tom joined Toastmasters at the age of 46 and is now in his 44th
year of membership. He believes that because of Toastmasters, a whole new life
was opened to him. He likens his Toastmasters journey as living in a Field of
Gems. His personal mission is to inspire others to put a value on Toastmasters
second only to their source for moral values. On top of COVID-19 in 2020, Tom
was broadsided with a rare disease in September 2021 He lost all his strength
and was totally unable to help himself. Had he not recovered and COVID-19
mandates remained, Tom’s Toastmasters years would have been over. But thanks to
Zoom, his Toastmasters career continues.

Tom now belongs to three clubs, and frequently visits other clubs, often as
a featured speaker.