Kathy Shine’s Top 10 Pathways Tips and Suggestions

Kathy Shine presented her Top 10 Tips and Suggestions in a Zoom call with Teri McGregor and other members of District 35 who attended this call April 9, 2020. Please enjoy this interactive presentation:

What Is Your Educational Journey?

The Toastmasters Pathways learning experience offers many different routes for exploration and achievement. It’s a journey of possibilities. Pathways features online learning, cutting-edge content, interactive tools, strong mentoring and evaluation components, and a multitude of options. Exciting learning paths include Motivational Strategies, Presentation Mastery and Effective Coaching. In Pathways, members can learn nearly 300 competencies—practical skills that are transferable to the world outside Toastmasters.

This modernized learning experience is the result of years of planning and expertise by a large team, including the Board of Directors, World Headquarters staff and member volunteers. The program’s wide-ranging benefits include:


Download available pathway highlights:

Learning Paths

Progress in Toastmasters learning is a journey of self-development, designed to help you fully develop your communication and leadership skills. When Pathways launches in our area (expected in late 2017), 10 learning paths will be offered. All paths will be available online; 5 will be available in print version. 59 unique projects will provide more than 300 competencies.

  1. Dynamic Leadership –print version available
  2. Effective Coaching
  3. Innovative Planning
  4. Leadership Development – print  version available
  5. Motivational Strategies
  6. Persuasive Influence
  7. Presentation Mastery – print version available
  8. Strategic Relationships – print version available
  9. Team Collaboration – print version available
  10. Visionary Communication


Every learning path consists of 14 projects (10 required, 4 elective*), and every project includes at least one speaking component. Recognition is offered along the way. Within each path, there are 5 levels of learning:

*Though members are required to complete 4 elective projects, members have the option to complete as many electives as they would like.

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