Retaining Club Members

Presented by Susan Brushafer
Club Support Seminar, April 16th, 2023


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About the presenter:
Susan Brushafer

Susan Brushafer has been a Toastmaster for approximately 20 years, and is currently the President of the Menomonee Falls Toastmasters Club. Previously, she served as the club’s Vice President-Membership for three years. As a previous member of the corporate Direct Supply Champion Chatters Toastmasters Club, Susan started the mentor program with the Champion Chatters, and has developed a “Mentor Toolkit” for the Menomonee Falls Club. Susan is a Pathways Mentor, Area A2 Director, and has completed both the Dynamic Leadership and Engaging Humor Paths. She is currently working on Motivational Strategies and Presentation Mastery.

As a Registered Corporate Coach and Sr. Learning Consultant during her business life, Susan continues to have an affinity toward helping people succeed both personally and professionally.