Corporate Clubs – Internal Marketing

Presented by Keith Cumiskey, DTM
Club Coaching Virtual Sessions, June 5th 2022

Corporate Toastmasters clubs are different from Community Toastmasters clubs in several ways; the methods we use to market these clubs are different too. Why do some corporate clubs thrive and others fold within a year? In retrospect, it’s easy to see how corporate clubs succeed or fail.

Be our guest and gain some insights as Keith shares his experience of what works and doesn’t work for marketing Corporate Toastmasters clubs.

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Headshot of Keith Cumiskey

About the presenter:
Keith Cumiskey, DTM

Our presenter is Keith Cumiskey, DTM and Past District Director (2017-2018). He has been a member of a corporate club for over 25 years and works for Rockwell Automation, which has Toastmasters clubs around the world. He has been involved with chartering multiple corporate clubs… some very successful and some not as successful.