2023-2024 Incentives

The District 35 Awards & Incentive Program rewards your club for delivering a quality club experience. See below for a list of Awards and Incentives currently available. If you have any questions regarding a particular incentive, the responsible Trio member is listed in parentheses after the incentive, i.e. “(CGD)”, “(PQD)”, etc.

District Dollars continue this year! District Dollars are earned by meeting some of the incentives. These dollars are received via reimbursement when you make an approved club-related purchase. District Dollars earned last year have rolled over to this year. View your club’s District Dollars account balance here. 

Q: What are District Dollars?
A: It’s an account the district runs for your club. Every time your club earns or spends District Dollars, we adjust your club’s account balance.

Q: What can be purchased?
A: Anything that helps the club mission and promote the club’s growth. This includes D35 conference registration for your club, hybrid meeting equipment, ribbons, pins, books, and almost anything else that helps your club be successful.

Q: What cannot be purchased with District Dollars?
A: Alcohol & travel.

Q: How does a club redeem District Dollars?
A: When an item is purchased for the club, the club submits the receipt to the District Finance Manager. The club can be reimbursed up to the value of the item, or up to the amount of District Dollars they’ve earned – whichever is lower.

Q: Do District Dollars expire?
A: We haven’t had to “expire” any District Dollars yet, and are rolling over balances each year. You will always have at least one year to spend your District Dollars.

Q: What’s my club’s District Dollars balance?
A: See the link above.

Q: Other questions?
A: Please direct questions to the District Finance Manager.

The Targeted Incentive Program

Our new incentive program gives you even more ways to have fun, while making your club better and earning rewards! While there will be one big year end prize to be awarded after July 1 for the Top Club with the most points ($100 District Dollars), we’ll also have a monthly (nonrepeat) top club in each division ($20 District Dollars) plus cumulative top clubs in the Division awarded after July 1 ($50 District Dollars)  — but that isn’t all! There are individual winners too! Download the list of awards above!

Please download the activity list (button above), and then fill out the appropriate form below to get credit. The first form is to request credit for your activity — don’t forget to email photos or screenshots to TMincentives@gmail.com— and the second form is to volunteer for opportunities for the activity!  Fill out either, just hit “send” when you’re done. 

Get credit!


Program Quality Incentives

Renewal Rush – DUE JULY 31st
Dues renewals go up to $60 as of August 1st, 2023. To encourage renewal at the $45 rate, we’re offering $20 in District Dollars to clubs that get 8 members renewed before July 31st. This incentive is limited to the first 30 clubs, so remind your members to renew today!

Moments of Truth (PQD) – Due November 30th

The first 10 clubs to submit their Moments of Truth to the Trio, will earn $20 in District Dollars

First Time Distinguished (PQD)

District 35 recognizes clubs that are distinguished for the first time in 3 years with $20 in District Dollars.  Becoming Distinguished is a major accomplishment for a club.  District 35 is proud to recognize these clubs for their effort in addition to the recognition Toastmasters provides as part of the Distinguished Club Program.

Leap Into a Full Year of Membership (PQD – DUE SEPTEMBER 30th)

The first 5 Clubs that have 8 or more members pay for a full year of dues by September 30th, 2023, earn $30 District Dollars. NOTE: Not applicable to newly chartered clubs.

Club Success Plan (PQD) – Due October 31st

The first 10 clubs to submit their Club Success Plan to the Trio will earn $20 in District Dollars.


All About The Base (CGD)

This year Toastmasters has lowered the standard for “distinguished” to a net growth of 3 new members. Stretch a bit more and grow 5 members above your club’s base, and receive a banner ribbon.

Deepening The Pool

It’s critically important that our district is continuously recruiting not just additional club members, but members who are completely new to Toastmasters. If your club brings in 4 or more members that aren’t previous Toastmasters, your club will receive a banner ribbon.

7 Club Officers Trained (PQD)

  • Summer TLI – all seven club officers trained; Clubs receive a special ribbon which they can proudly display on their club banner.
  • Winter TLI – all seven club officers trained; Clubs receive a special ribbon which they can proudly display on their club banner.
  • Seven club officers trained at BOTH Summer and Winter TLI sessions, get both ribbons plus $25 District Dollars

Toastmasters Programs

Each year, Toastmasters recognizes clubs that are outstanding in both member recruitment and educational excellence. You can read about the Distinguished Club Program and the Toastmasters Member Building Programs using the links below.

Toastmasters Member Building Programs

  • Smedley Award (August-September) – TI Banner Ribbon
  • Talk Up Toastmasters (February-March) – TI Banner Ribbon
  • Beat The Clock (May-June) – TI Banner Ribbon

Toastmasters Distinguished Club Program

  • President’s Distinguished Club – TI Banner Ribbon
  • Select Distinguished Club – TI Banner Ribbon
  • Distinguished Club – TI Banner Ribbon