The District 35 Awards & Incentive Program strives to reward you and your clubs for delivering a quality club experience. Have fun and earn a little something as you work to meet your goals!

See below for a list of Awards and Incentives currently available.

Introducing District Dollars

District Dollars are earned by meeting the specific goals listed below. These dollars can be received by reimbursement. Clubs and individuals seeking to redeem District Dollars will need to set up an account on Concur, submit a report and receipt for reimbursement. Please contact Finance Manager, Paul Freiberg, for assistance in setting up an account on Concur.

View your District Dollars account balance here:


See the District Dollars Q&A here.


Kaizen Club Award

Kaizen is the Japanese art of continuous improvement. This concept stresses the need for continual improvement in order to achieve high levels of quality. At the

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District Director’s Quality Award

The District Director’s Quality Award recognizes clubs that are President’s Distinguished over a continuous 3-year period. This is the highest award a club can receive from

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Phoenix Award

Any club beginning the year with 12 or fewer members and building membership to charter strength (20 members) or greater receive the District 35 Phoenix Award.

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Division Director Incentives

Division Success Plan – Submit an area success plan to the Trio by September 30, 2021 and receive $20 District Dollars Distinguished Division – Reach

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Area Director Incentives

o Club Visit Reports – Submit all area director visit reports by dates listed below for incentive: § By Sept 30 – $15 District Dollars

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Pacesetter Club Awards:

5 or more Level 1 Awards = Excellent in Education Level 1 Banner Ribbon (Purple) 5 or more Level 2 Awards= Excellent in Education Level 2 Banner

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The Road to DTM

Finish two paths of your choice and you will earn a Toastmasters Duffle Bag. This can be earned after every 2 paths that are completed.

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Pathways Mentor Program

Complete the Pathways Mentor Program and be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a Toastmasters Duffle Bag or Toastmasters Document Bag.  

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7 Officers Trained

Summer TLI – all seven club officers trained = a Banner Ribbon Winter TLI – all seven club officers trained = a Banner Ribbon Seven clubs

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Officer Lists

The first ten (10) clubs to submit their officer lists for the 2022-2023 Toastmasters Year to Toastmasters (through Club Central) and emails that list to

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