The Speechcraft program allows experienced Toastmasters to present the fundamentals of public speaking to non-members. It can be offered as an integral part of your club meeting or as a seminar-style program presented outside the club. It can be conducted in four, six or eight sessions. A Speechcraft requires the commitment of at least several of your Club Members to assist in conducting the program. It’s a great way to promote membership in your community or corporate club, as Speechcraft brings prospective new members to a meeting to see, first-hand, what Toastmasters is all about. For more in depth information on Speechcraft visit the Toastmasters Speechcraft Page:

Members that facilitate a Speechcraft can earn credit towards their DTM award.

The Speechcraft program can be conducted in four, six or eight sessions. Conducting a Speechcraft inside the club setting makes it easier for participants to become members and conducting a Speechcraft outside the club setting can lead to the formation of a new Toastmasters club. A nominal fee is typically charged for non-members to covers the cost of materials for the workshop as well as an initial membership in Toastmasters.

Speechcraft is also the quickest means by which people can jump right into the process of improving their speaking skills. Designed for non-Toastmasters, this series of educational sessions covers a number of topics that play a part in good public speaking, including the following:

Speechcraft normally takes six to ten hours over the course of three to ten meetings, depending upon the pace and schedule set by the hosting team of presenters. Over the course of these sessions, participants learn about good public speaking and have the opportunity to practice within the Speechcraft group, mentored by experienced Toastmasters. Friendships and careers can and do blossom from the Speechcraft experience.

There usually is a nominal fee, which covers the cost of materials for the workshop, as well as an initial membership in Toastmasters.

This new membership will help you solidify and continue the learning that you have begun in the Speechcraft program.

The fee should cover program expenses (materials, refreshments, room rental). Any remaining money must be placed in the club’s treasury. No individuals, educational institutions or other organizations may derive financial gain either directly or indirectly from the presentation of these programs.

A Speechcraft workshop is the most cost-effective and time-effective way to acquire the skills of speaking, listening, thinking, and evaluating – skills vital to almost any profession in today’s world.

Why Should a Club Hold a Speechcraft?

Clubs find many benefits in hosting a Speechcraft session:

How Does a Club Host a Speechcraft?

If you are interested in conducting a Speechcraft, please contact Club Growth Team

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