Every newly chartered club may have up to two mentors who are appointed by the Club Growth Director in consultation with the District Director. A club mentor advises, teaches, and guides a newly chartered club in implementing the Toastmasters program at the club during the first six months to one year of the new club’s existence. The club mentor should be an experienced Toastmaster who possesses leadership skills, passion for Toastmasters, and a strong sense of dedication to helping a new club develop the tools to become a strong club that will ensure their success for years to come. The mentor receives a certificate and credit toward their Pathways DTM after they return their “Get Credit” form to Toastmasters International.

Note: Mentors may apply for credit no sooner than six months after the club’s official charter date. A “mentor” is a trusted counselor or guide, tutor, coach. Your task, therefore, is to serve as a coach and advisor to the newly formed club. As a mentor, you have the opportunity to share your wisdom, knowledge, and experience with new toastmasters who want to learn, grow, and achieve. Your responsibility is not to run the club, but to allow the club to learn and grow as you gently offer suggestions guiding them toward excellence. A club mentor plays an integral part in the success of the club. By being a resource person, you can ease the growing pains of a new club and get it started on the right foot.

Club Mentor Duties and Responsibilities:

Help club members build positive habits (these are the kinds of behavior you want displayed long after you have left the group). Emphasize these positive habits:

Remember: No position description can fully outline the total duties and responsibilities of the Club Mentor. Feel free to enlarge this list and reach out to other club mentors to find out their best practices. Being a club mentor offers you an opportunity to further develop and practice your leadership skills.

If you are interested in becoming a Club Mentor, please contact Club Growth Director Jason Feucht, DTM at jfeucht.tm@gmail.com

Here is one of many resources available to help you lean more about being a club mentor, a document titled “New Club Mentoring Matters“.