Looking Good on Zoom

Presented by Phyllis Kombol, DTM
Club Coaching Virtual Sessions, January 8th, 2023

Carol Mather invites Phyllis Kombol to present on how to look professional in virtual video  meetings. She touches on three items: visual, audio, and all the rest.

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About the presenter:
Phyllis Kombol, DTM

Phyllis has been a member of Toastmasters since December 2008.

She is a member of 3 District 37 Toastmasters clubs:

  • McDowell NC Toastmasters, which meets weekly, mostly on Zoom with occasional hybrid events.
  • Advanced Toastmasters of Asheville, which meets monthly on Zoom with quarterly hybrid meetings
  • Eat Your Words Toastmasters, a specialty club focused on impromptu roles, which meets in a restaurant

She earned DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster designation) in 2017. She has completed 3 Paths (DL, EC, MS) and is working in several more (LD, PM, TC, SR, VC). Phyllis has filled a variety of club, area, and district leadership roles, competed in many contests, with her highest accomplishment being an International Speech Contest quarterfinalist in 2021 by winning at D37 Lives in the Western NC Foothills.

She was invited to present this session on “Looking Good on Zoom” by her long-time, Toastmasters friend, Carol Mather, DTM, who went on a trip by Greyhound Bus…and whose computer went on an unauthorized trip extension and has not been seen since. It’s probably on the beach on some island, smoking cigars and sipping umbrella drinks right now! AND that’s why we have Phyllis Kombol presenting tonight…