2023-2024 Speech Contests

District 35 Speech Contest Team

  • Robert Wall – Program Quality Director
  • Judy Bauer, DTM, PDG – District Chief Judge

2023-24 Contests

  • Evaluation Contest – Finals at the 2024 D35 Spring Conference
  • International Speech Contest – District Finals at the 2024 D35 Spring Conference, and advances to the Regional Quarterfinal of the World Championship of Public Speaking

Contest Formats

  • Club – Any Format – In Person, Virtual or Hybrid
  • Area – All Area Contests will be Virtual
  • Division – All Division Contests will be Virtual
  • District – The District Contests will be Hybrid and held in conjunction
    with the 2024 D35 Spring Conference

Speech Contest Timeline

  • Club Contests – Prior to 1/18/2024
  • Area Contests – Between 1/19/2024 and 2/29/2024
  • Division Contests – Between 3/1/2024 and 4/6/2024
  • District Contests
    • Evaluation – 4/26/2024
    • International – 4/27/2024

2024 Training Opportunities:

Note for Area and Division Contests

  • Areas with 4 or fewer clubs in good standing can have 2 contestants
    from each club compete in the area contest.
  • Divisions with 4 areas or fewer can have the 2 highest-placed available
    contestants from each Area compete.
  • Areas and Divisions Qualifying for this format will be informed by the PQD 6 weeks prior to the start of that contest level
  • Please contact your area or division director for more details 

Area, Division & District Contest Functionary Eligibility (Rule 2F Clarification per WHQ):

Any current Area, Division, Club Growth, or Program Quality Director that is running for an elected office (Division, Club Growth, Program Quality, or District Director) for the 2024-2025 Toastmasters year that starts July 1, 2024:

  1. SHOULD serve as contest chair for their own contest, this is part of the role’s responsibilities.
  2. MUST delegate ALL speaking / hosting responsibilities to their Contest Toastmaster and should not speak during the contest at any time, as any speaking could be considered an unfair advantage. Candidates for office should only speak during Candidate Corner breakouts.
  3. CANNOT take on any role in ANY contest beyond the club level in any area, division, or district. The sole exception is being the contest chair of their own contest.
  4. CAN be recognized as a visiting dignitary at any contest.
  5. Items 2 – 3 do NOT apply if you are NOT running for an elected office for the 2024-2025 Toastmasters Year.

Important Speech Contest Resources

Contest Kits

These ZIP files contain all the forms you need to run a Toastmasters speech contest. We include links to all of them as your club may choose to run additional contests that do not advance to the Area, Division, or District level. If you need individual forms, they are available from the Toastmasters International Resource Page.

Individual Forms