Contest Resources

Regarding the picture above, just imagine that’s what’s being enjoyed from the audience, although they will be socially distanced and watching virtually :-).

Please note for the 2020/2021 contest season: areas with 4 or fewer clubs in good standing can have 2 contestants from each club compete in the area contest. Divisions with 4 areas or fewer can have the 2 highest-placed available contestants from each Area compete.  Please contact your area or division director for more details.

Please find resources for successful contests, below.

Video Training (click here)

Speech Contest Planning Tips
Roles and Responsibilities Checklist
Speech Contest Digital Content
Event Supply Checklist
Contest Agenda Tips
Sample Contest Agenda (Word)
Sample Contest Agenda (Publisher)
Contestant Briefing
Judges Briefing
Ballot Counter Briefing
Timer Briefing
Timer Virtual Backgrounds (zip file)
SAA Briefing
D35 Sample Contest Script
Contest Sign-in Sheet
Contest Dignitary Sign-in Sheet

Please also see these resources from Toastmasters International:

2020/2021 Toastmasters International Speech Contest Rulebook
2020 Online Speech Contest Best Practices
Toastmasters Speech Contest Tutorials