February Newsletter 2020

Inside the February Newsletter news from the District Director, Dues Renewal, Contest Information, Toastmasters and RotaryEducation Awards, TLI creditDistinguish Club Program, End of Traditional learning program, Increase Membership, Club Ambassador, Dual Member and 2nd Path, Spring Convention, D35 Toastmasters  Towers

Rozaline JanciRozaline Janci, District Director



It’s an important time of the year. First of all, Happy New Year! I hope your year has gotten off to an excellent start. We are halfway through the Toastmasters year; how are you doing on your goals? There are a number of events which take place around this time.

I attended mid-year training in New Orleans in January with our Club Growth Director Teri McGregor and our Program Quality Director Kris Pool. We had the opportunity to listen to great leaders, including Region Advisor Cyndi Wilson, International Director Mohammad Qayoom, and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Toastmasters International, Mr. Daniel Rex. A lot of information was passed on during the training as well as taking a good look at where we are as a District in relation to our goals and our Success Plans.

Another exciting piece of news is that International First Vice President, Margaret Page, will be our keynote speaker at the D35 Spring Convention in May. This is a real honor, and I hope you will be able to attend the Convention and meet Margaret yourself. She is an amazing person and a great representative of our organization. She will deliver the keynote on Saturday and give another education session during the convention. She is a fantastic speaker and you will not be disappointed. Please come.

It seems like a few weeks, but as I am writing this (February 14 – nothing like a deadline to motivate you).

If you would like to continue to develop as a leader, perhaps you should consider taking on a role for the 2020-21 year. We are always in need of Area Directors and other education and leadership roles to be filled. The deadline for nominations was the end of January, but it’s not too late if you want to get involved. If you are interested, please let me know. The strength of our organization is our people.

I’d like to thank everyone who is working to make Toastmasters to be the strong, vibrant, and helpful organization that our founder, Ralph Smedley, envisioned. Here’s to you!


Kris Pool


Kris Pool, DTM – Program Quality Director

The best way to continue with the benefits of Toastmasters is to renew your membership for another six months. Renewal dues are payable to your club treasurer BEFORE the end of March. Connect with your treasurer at your next meeting and renew early. Don’t wait until the last minute.

NOTE: if you plan on competing or participating in a contest and the Area or higher level, you need to be a paid member of a paid club in order to be eligible. Don’t lose out due to this small issue. Pay your dues today!

As an FYI – clubs need at least 8 paid members to continue as as an eligible club. To achieve Distinguished status, a club needs 20 members or a net 5 gain from their July 1, 2019 base membership number.


Kris Pool, DTM – Program Quality Director

The 2019-2020 contest season is underway! District 35 is hosting two contests – Table Topics and the International Speech Contest.

Clubs have until February 15, 2020 to either appoint a contestant(s) or have a contest and submit the winner(s) to their Area Director. NOTE: if an area has four assigned clubs or fewer in good standing, District 35 has opted to allow two contestants from each club to compete in the area contest.

Winners from the Area contest advance to the Division. Winners from the Division contest advance to the District contest. The District level Table Topics contest will be on Friday, May 1, 2020. The District level International Speech contest will be on Saturday, May 2, 2020.

All contestants in the International Speech contest will be recorded on the “big stage” and the first place winner’s speech will be submitted to Toastmasters International to be used in the region quarterfinal judging. From there, winners will advance to the semi-finals and then the World Championship of Public Speaking in Paris, France in August.

Dates, times, and locations for the Area, Division, and District contests are listed on the calendar on district35.org. Members are encouraged to attend contests to show their support of all contestants and participate as needed. 

Don’t forget to download the most recent version of the rule book (revised 01/2020) – located here: http://www.toastmasters.org/-/media/files/department-documents/speech-contests-documents/1171-speech-contest-rulebook-2019.ashx


Kris Pool, DTM – Program Quality Director

Toastmasters International recently announced a strategic partnership with Rotary International. Providing members with more opportunities for personal and professional growth is at the core of the newly formed Rotary/Toastmasters strategic alliance. There is much excitement to leverage unique and similar strengths and meet the evolving needs of current and prospective members. Get behind the efforts to establish fellowship and connections, and potentially strengthen your clubs and diversify membership!

NOTE: the relationship with Toastmasters and Rotary is club to club. The district, division, and area cannot coordinate events. Clubs are encouraged to welcome a Rotarian to visit or be a guest speaker at an upcoming club meeting. Offer to be a speaker at a Rotary Club meeting and share how membership in Toastmasters has personally benefited you. Consider opportunities to hold a joint Toastmasters and Rotary club meeting.

Learn more and watch the video about the partnership: http://www.toastmasters.org/leadership-central/the-leader-letter/~/link.aspx?_id=E1FB14091B60400593BC5724900F988D&_z=z


Kris Pool, DTM – Program Quality Director

Several years ago, Toastmasters International made a change to the privacy of our members when listing member names associated with education awards earned. This means that a member can chose not to have their name listed on the reports; instead, it just simply says “NAME UNAVAILABLE” and lists the member number and club.

I apologize to the members of District 35. I looked up the member number to find the member name so that we could share the education awards earned with all our members at TLI and Spring Convention and give recognition to those that have earned awards. I learned during our mid-year training in January 2020 that this should not have been done. Instead of listing a member’s name, we should have left it off completely or just listed the club name in which the member earned the award. Again, my apologies for doing this. It was done with good intentions and will not happen going forward.

For the Spring Convention this year, if your name is “NAME UNAVAILABLE” on the education reports, you will not be recognized during the awards unless there is a general recognition for all members earning a Path 1-5, CC, etc. education award.

All members have access to this education report available at: http://reports.toastmasters.org/reports/dprReports.cfm?r=3&d=35&s=Member&sortOrder=1

If you want to remove the “NAME UNAVAILABLE” for yourself or change it to make your name as “NAME UNAVAILABLE,” you will need to login to Toastmasters.org and go to your profile.

Click on the “My Privacy and Consents” button on the lower right of the screen.

Then scroll down to “Your Name on Public Reports” and click on the “No” or “Yes” button as appropriate.

Don’t forget to click the “SAVE” button.

Again, my apologies to those that opted to not have your name available and then sharing your name during the times of award recognition.


Kris Pool, DTM – Program Quality Director

As we wrap up the Winter TLI and officer training sessions for 2019-2020, please review the dashboards to ensure your club has received the correct credit for the officers trained and to receive proper credit for Goal #9a and #9b in the Distinguished Club Program (DCP).

If there is a discrepancy in the number of officers trained, please let me know immediately. We have a certain deadline to make sure the training is entered and for your club to receive credit. All training needs to be completed by February 29, 2020.

There has been one “last chance” officer training scheduled for Sunday, February 23 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. This will be an online training. The call-in number and website link are available on the district35.org calendar. Please join in if your club still needs officer training completed for the winter round.

Dashboards for District 35 are located here: http://dashboards.toastmasters.org/Club.aspx?id=35

All club members have access to the dashboards, not just the club officers.


Kris Pool, DTM – Program Quality Director

Does your club review the dashboards on a regular basis to see where you are in achieving goals? If you complete 5 or more goals AND meet the minimum membership number, your club can be distinguished.

Remember, the minimum membership number is 20 or a new 5 growth from their base membership number.

What about your club? Look at the data. Review your club success plan. Talk with your members about their education goals. Schedule members for speeches. Promote membership with prospective guests. Collect and submit membership renewal dues. Talk with your Area or Division Director for additional ideas. Contact me too and I can share insights on how your club could become distinguished by June 30. 

Together, we can do this and become Distinguished!! 


Kris Pool, DTM – Program Quality Director

In case you haven’t heard, traditional education program will end on June 30, 2020. After that date, only the Pathways education program will be available. You still have time to complete education awards in the traditional education program, but be realistic about it. For example, if you have 8 speeches and 2 modules to give to complete your Advanced Communicator Silver, can you get 10 speaking slots in your club between now and June 30? Or would you have to travel to other clubs and try to get on their agenda to speak? Is giving 10 speeches in less than 5 months something you can do? Something where you actually learn from the project and not just a tick box? Or maybe you only have to give 3 speeches to complete your ACS? Three speeches in less than 5 months is quite achievable. You still need to get it scheduled and give the speeches and your VP Education will need to submit the completed goal before June 30, but this example would be realistic and achievable.

Take some time today to evaluate what your individual education goals are for the rest of the 2019-2020 Toastmasters year. Determine what you need to complete an education goal, make a plan to achieve it, schedule and give your speeches, and then submit your completed manuals to your VP Education.

The sun sets on the traditional education program on June 30, 2020. And when the sun sets, it will rise again to another beautiful day… this time in the Pathways education program.


Teri McGregor

Teri McGregor Club Growth Director


                                                           +5 New members Feb 1 – March 31

Over the shoulder marketing – Have you heard of it?  It is the easiest, most effective way to grow the membership of your Toastmasters Club. Here is a step-by-step process that anyone can follow: 

  1. Look over your shoulder
  2. If you see someone, Talk Up Toastmasters
  3. Repeat over your other shoulder

Yes, it’s that easy.  You work with people who are looking for the professional development opportunities available at your club.  You worship with people who would benefit from the networking opportunities available at your club and district level events.  You socialize with people who would benefit from the multitude of educational opportunities that Pathways has to offer.  All you have to do is look around and ask, “Have you heard of Toastmasters?”

If you don’t feel like talking (I know, I know, we’re Toastmasters, but trust me, there are shy ones among us) try displaying Toastmasters.  Someone is bound to ask you about what they see.    

  • Wear your Toastmasters pin
  • Carry a Toastmasters coffee mug around the office
  • Take a Toastmasters water bottle to the gym
  • Add a branded window cling to your car or laptop
  • Display ribbons and certificates at your work space

If your club has 20 members and each member brings 2 guests to a meeting or event – that’s 40 potential new members.  If just 10% of those guests become members, you have 4 new members to join your club.  Bonus:  You’ve met 1 of the 10 DCP goals!

During the Talk Up Toastmasters Membership Campaign, clubs that add five (5) or more new, dual, or reinstated members from February 1 – March 31 will receive a ribbon to display on your club banner and a special discount code for 10% off their next club order.


Nancy McCulley, DTM
Uptowner Toastmasters Club #1159




Ambassador:  “A person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.”

Are you an ambassador for Toastmasters? Although this isn’t an official role, it’s a motivating challenge for every member in District 35 to undertake. Why?

Reason #1:  There’s a reward! You already know that in Toastmasters, we continuously acknowledge challenging accomplishments. (To learn more go to https://district35.org/ambassador-program/)

Reason #2:  It’s a great way to learn how other clubs operate and succeed. You’re guaranteed to see something done in a unique way or to learn a new technique.

Reason #3:  It provides a wonderful opportunity to meet other Toastmasters and practice skills like remembering people’s names, introducing yourself, feeling comfortable in new surroundings, and maybe even speaking before an entirely new audience!

Reason #4:  Ambassadors gain confidence – a critical skill for leaders.

Reason #5:  It’s fun! Another date on your calendar can seem like a big inconvenience, but anything worth doing requires extra commitment to your goals.

There’s so much more to learn about the Toastmasters organization than what you experience in your club meetings. Visiting other club meetings and district events has benefited me in so many ways:  increased confidence, new friends and mentors, “ah-ha” moments, ideas to improve my club, incentive to try new projects, and a better understanding of my role as a club officer.

You have so much to gain. Give the Ambassador program a try!

The D35 Toastmasters Ambassador Program encourages visits to other clubs and events in the district and rewards the member’s growth through this exploration experience.  More information can be found on the district website Programs & Incentive page:  https://district35.org/ambassador-program/


Ed ThelenEd Thelen, DTM Immediate Past District Director


June 30, 2020 and the end of the traditional educational program are quickly approaching.  There is one important item that dual members should take care of (if they haven’t already), especially if they are working concurrently in Pathways.  Dual members are eligible to receive a second free path in Pathways if they meet certain criteria.  (Remember two paths must be completed for a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award in Pathways.)

 In order to receive a second free path, a member must meet the following criteria:

You must belong to two or more clubs.

  1. You must have been a member of at least two of these clubs prior to the date that Pathways launched in District 35. (Pathways launched in District 35 on February 13, 2018.)
  2. You must still be a member of at least two of these clubs on the date you decide to redeem your second path for free. (This could be critical right now if you are unable to renew in at least one of your clubs for the April renewals.)
  3. You cannot order the free second path online.  You must order it by contacting the Supply Orders team at World Headquarters.  The easiest way to do this is to send an e-mail to supplyorders@toastmasters.org.  An excellent sample e-mail to send to the team can be found on the Cream City Toastmasters Pathways page (https://creamcity.toastmastersclubs.org/Pathways.html) under “Instructional PDF Resources for Members.”  I recently used this template to order my second free path.

You only have until June 30 to take advantage of this opportunity.  I don’t know about you…but I never like to pass up anything associated with the word “free” especially when it relates to Toastmasters.  The above link will also have resources showing the projects for the various levels in all the paths to help you make an appropriate selection.

Happy second path hunting and choosing!


May 1-2, 2020                                    
Milwaukee Marriott West
W231 N1600 Corporate Dr
Waukesha, WI

The Toastmasters District 35 Spring Convention 2020 offers a unique opportunity to market and align your company’s brand with a group of 2,000 from the entire state of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan who are focused on the developing their communication and leadership skills. The convention will have over 250 attendees.

There are numerous opportunities for all organizations, large and small, and you are sure to find an option that fits your organization’s marketing strategy.

If you have questions or would prefer a customized sponsorship discussion, please contact this year’s Convention Chair, Rhonda Williams.

SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES                      
Platinum $2,000 (limit one)
➢ Top listing as the sponsor for the two-day convention
➢ Sponsor of the Saturday luncheon and awards program
➢ Four (4) tickets to the full convention
➢ Sponsor acknowledgment from the lectern
➢ Company display at the event
➢ Full back cover ad in the convention program
➢ Company name and logo in convention program
➢ On site acknowledgement via printed signage

Gold $1,500 (limit one)
➢ Sponsor of the Saturday dinner and Hall of Fame awards program
➢ Three (3) tickets to the full convention
➢ Sponsor acknowledgment from the lectern
➢ Inside back cover ad in the convention program
➢ Company name and logo in convention program
➢ On site acknowledgment via printed signage

Silver $1,000 (limit two)
➢ Sponsor of the International Speech Contest on Saturday afternoon
➢ Two (2) tickets to the full convention
➢ Sponsor acknowledgement from the lectern
➢ Half page ad in the convention program
➢ On site acknowledgement via printed signage

Bronze $750 (limit three)
➢ Sponsor of the First Timers reception
➢ One (1) ticket to the full convention
➢ Sponsor acknowledgment from the lectern
➢ Quarter page ad in the convention program
➢ Company name and logo in convention program
➢ On site acknowledgment via printed signage

Copper $500 (limit 2 per option)
Option 1: Breakfast Sponsor
➢ Company name and logo featured on screen during registration
➢ Sponsor acknowledgment on signage at the breakfast tables
➢ Company name and logo in convention program
➢ On site acknowledgment via printed signage

Option 2: Friday Fun Night Sponsor
➢ Sponsor of Friday Fun Night entertainment
➢ Sponsor acknowledgment on signage at the Friday Fun Night
➢ Company name and logo in convention program
➢ On site acknowledgment via printed signage

Option 3: Networking Break Sponsor
➢ Sponsor of Saturday networking break
➢ Sponsor acknowledgment on signage in networking area
➢ Company name and logo in convention program
➢ On site acknowledgment via printed signage

Option 4: Saturday Cocktail Reception Sponsor
➢ Sponsor of Saturday night cocktail reception
➢ Sponsor acknowledgment on signage at Saturday reception
➢ Company name and logo in convention program
➢ On site acknowledgment via printed signage

Raffle Baskets, Gifts, and In-Kind Donations (unlimited)
➢ Goods and/or services for a raffle basket
➢ Gifts for the First Timers reception (quantities of 80)
➢ Items for attendee registration packets (quantities of 300)


Submit your form to Rhonda Williams at RhondaInWisconsin@gmail.com by April 10, 2020. One of our team members will follow up with you for final details.

Check the district35.org website weekly for new updates about the Spring Convention. This is one event you definitely don’t want to miss. 

Thank you for Reaching for the Stars and your support of Toastmasters District 35 2020 Spring Convention.



Teri McGregor, Club Growth Director

The Toastmaster Tower is the creation of Central Division Director, Tom Carlson, DTM.  He had a vision for an easy way for individuals to market their clubs to a wider audience.  He wanted something that was attention grabbing, eye-catching, and easy to use.  Tom got to work and put his vision to paper.  He sought feedback from Toastmasters across the district.  He even worked closely with Toastmasters International to ensure the branding was correct.  His vision is becoming a reality and District 35 now has its first Toastmasters Tower!

The 4 Ts:  Teri, Tom, and the Toastmasters Tower

Club Growth Director, Teri McGregor & Central Division Director, Tom Carlson with a Toastmasters Tower

The tower folds so it can be stored and moved with ease.  It pops up to stand on its own (or with a base as shown).  Tom demonstrated this with one hand at the Central Division TLI in February. 

The middle section of the tower can be customized with your club meeting or event information.  Imagine how this will look sitting in the lobby of the office building where your club meets.  Now picture it at the local library promoting your upcoming Open House.  It could be shared between clubs or even used to promote an entire Area.  You could list of all Area clubs meeting times and locations on a single tower.  

Now that we have the design, we are looking to you to gauge interest in having one for your club.  You know how this works – the more we buy, the more we save. 

Please share your thoughts by completing the survey at the link below: 

D35 Toastmaster Tower Survey

More information will be shared once we have the survey results. 

I want to personally thank Tom for his efforts in bringing his vision to life.  His enthusiasm for Toastmasters in infectious.  He is passionate about our organization and dedicated to growing the membership of all of the clubs in District 35!