July 2018 Newsletter

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District 35’s new head and his CAP

Thank you for electing me as your District Director for the 2018-2019 Toastmasters year. I look forward to serving all of you and guiding District 35 through this exciting time in the Toastmasters world.

In addition to using Toastmasters core values of integrity, respect, service and excellence to guide the actions of our District this upcoming year, I also look to use the words I shared during my incoming District Director address at the Spring Convention. In the spirit of our Convention theme of “A Toastmaster Wears Many Hats”, I talked about having a feather in my CAP to guide the District in 2018-2019.

The CAP consists of the following items:

Change – It’s about the only constant we have in today’s Toastmasters environment. If we do not adapt to the changes in front of us, we will stagnate as a District. There are three important changes to navigate through in the upcoming Toastmasters year

1) Our 1st full year of Pathways – We need to ensure people are maximizing goals in both the traditional educational program and Pathways. This in turn will create more Distinguished Clubs.

2) Virtual Fall District Council meeting – Our evolving world is creating more interaction with technology and we need to learn how to leverage technology in more situations.

3) Replacement for Fall Conference – District 35 has an unusually high participation rate for our District conferences. Thank you for being active in events outside the club. Thank you also for participating in the vote at the Spring Convention Business Meeting. As a result of that meeting, we have set our District 35 TLI for December 1st at Monona Terrace in Madison.

Attitude – I always strive for a positive attitude. One of our past District members, Lisa Bosquez Dutkiewicz, complimented me for my “service with a smile” as I was moving up in District Leadership. We look to Toastmasters not only for the aspects of improving our communication and leadership skills, but to have fun in working on these skills. In addition, if we take on a Club officer or District leadership role, we are taking on additional responsibility in a volunteer capacity and want that time and service to be fulfilling. I appreciate all that these leaders do for their clubs and District 35.

Part of this positive attitude also includes a culture of respect. We may not always agree with changes or decisions that have been made but need to respect those that need to carry out those decisions and that, in our Toastmasters environment, are always done with the best intentions for District 35.

People – My focus will be to ensure District 35 is best serving you, the members of our District. Without members we would not have Toastmasters as an organization. It is important to me that people feel they are receiving value for their Toastmasters membership. This is accomplished by properly educating our leaders and put on quality events for our members. By meeting this goal, people will be excited about their clubs. In turn, excited members will work to earn educational awards.   Outsiders who see goal focused clubs with people having fun will want to start their Toastmasters journey and join their clubs. All of these combined actions will lead to a stronger and healthier District.

I am very excited to see what the future holds for us in District 35 in 2018-2019. My only request is that we all put our best foot forward in the efforts to have a successful year.

Best wishes to everyone in the upcoming year!

Ed Thelen, DTM

District Director

Officer Training is happening now!

Division teams have created some great educational events throughout the District;  Toastmasters Leadership Institutes involving Pathways, leadership and officer training are scheduled over the next month!  For the most up to date information, please check the District Calendar; as of right now, here are some scheduled events:

Date Division and Contact City and Link
Saturday 7/14 – 9 a.m. Eastern – Teri McGregor Neenah, Wisconsin
Saturday 7/14 – 9 a.m. DFAB Milwaukee – Harley-Davidson
Sunday 7/22 – 1 p.m. Eastern – Teri McGregor Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Friday 7/27 – 6 p.m. DFAB Milwaukee – Harley-Davidson
Saturday 8/4 – 8 a.m. Eastern – Teri McGregor Upper Peninsula, TBA
TLIs have been held in Central and the Western side of the state; there are additional opportunities with our neighbors in Iowa and Minnesota:

Are you heading to Chicago?

The International Convention is in our back yard!  Check out the 2018 World Championship of Public Speaking and cheer our own Adam Stoll!  Hear inspirational and impactful speakers with information on Toastmasters and your professional life!  Meet Toastmasters from around the world to hear how they encourage their club members and bring in new guests – just like we do!  Click here to read more about what’s coming up at the Convention.


Smedley is coming

August is just a couple weeks away and it’s the first chance for new officers to step up and develop a membership drive.  Will  you go with one special meeting or open house?  Maybe offer a competition to see who brings in the most guests. Lure your new members in  with well-run meetings and a club full of friendly people!

New members mean new ideas and great new energy and input — work with officers and members to develop quality meetings that keep your guests coming back.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Getting your Club Success Plan in order means club members and officers have thought about the coming 12 months and are preparing to meet goals — personal, club and district.  Do you want to power through and get your DTM before the program sunsets in 2020?  Do you want to complete your first level in Pathways? Do you want to update and improve your club website?   Would you like to improve your skills and represent your club in a contest in January?  These are all great goals, and they can all be part of your Club Success Plan.  As members and officers work toward creating great meetings, developing speakers and improving skills in communication, teamwork, leadership and organization, the club benefits from this improvement through the Distinguished Club Program.  Check out the downloadable manual and share it with other members.  (Pssst – it hasn’t been officially announced, but if you get your Club Success Plan completed and submitted to the District, you just might win something.  Stay tuned for the official announcement!)


I’ve had a wonderful time as your newsletter editor.  I leave you in the creative and capable hands of Anu Priya.    Drop me a note if I can do anything.  See you at TLIs 🙂