District 35 Toastmasters

District Council – September 19, 2020

The next meeting of the District Council is scheduled for September 19, 2020.

UPDATE September 14, 2020: The budget has been updated for your review prior to the 9-19-20 District Council Meeting (please use the Resources link, below, to see the revised budget).  We submitted our initial budget to TI for review, and have made updates based on their requirements and recommendations. It is about $9,000 less than last year.

All of the following personnel are members of the District Council, please plan to attend:

Club Presidents and Vice Presidents Education
District Director
Program Quality Director
Club Growth Director
Administration Manager
Finance Manager
Public Relations Manager
Division Directors
Area Directors
Immediate Past District Director

Our District Council agenda, minutes from the May 2020 meeting of the District Council, and the list of appointments made can all be found here: Resources

The proposed budget that is currently posted (8-Sep-2020) is awaiting review from TI.  Additionally:

  • Per the new TI rules that require Districts to spend down their reserves up to allowed maximum of 125%, we have allocated the current budget accordingly. As such, the current budget amount exceeds the membership due fee by $ 
  • We have set aside $10,786.25 being 125% of the reserve per the new TI guidelines. 
  • The over-budget amounts in the Administration expense category reflects expected costs of shipping trophies for Area and Division speech contests 
  • We have budgeted $7190 for District 35 website professional redesign.