District 35 2018 District Council Meeting

The September District Council Meeting will take place on September 15, 2018.  This will be a virtual teleconference.

2018-2019 Budget

Official Agenda


Call to order and welcome by District Director Ed Thelen, DTM 3 Min
Credentials Committee Report Kelly Huttelmaier, ACS, ALB 3 Min
Adoption of May 5, 2018 District Council Minutes, District Administration Manager Robin Grabinski 3 Min
Adoption of the District Budget 5 Min
District Finance Manager Report Jason Feucht, ACS, ALB 5 Min
Report of the Audit Committee Report of the Audit Committee 3 Min
Division Director’s Reports
A Division Carl Erwin, PM1 5 Min
B Division Ronda Borowski, DTM 5 Min
Central Division Rick Griggs, CC, ALB 5 Min
D Division Shae Schoenherr, ACB, ALB 5 Min
Eastern Division Teri McGregor, CC, ALB 5 Min
F Division Jackie Scott, CC, ALB 5 Min
Northern Division Angela Graham, ACG, ALB 5 Min
Public Relations Manager Report Kamal Soan, DTM 5 Min
Club Growth Director Report Rozaline Janci, DTM 5 Min
Program Quality Director Report Kris Pool, DTM 5 Min
Immediate Past District Director Report Keith Cumiskey, DTM 5 Min
District Director Report Ed Thelen, DTM 5 Min
Announcements Ed Thelen, DTM 3 Min