Call for Candidates: Future District Leaders for 2019-2020

Consider nominating yourself or another Toastmaster for district office for 2019-2020. Candidates are being sought for the May 11, 2019 election being held at the District Convention at the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center in Green Bay.

Offices being elected are

  • District Director
  • District Program Quality Director
  • District Club Growth Director and
  • District Division Directors (we currently have 7 divisions).

The newly elected District Director will also appoint Area Directors, a District Finance Manager, a District Administration Manager and other positions. This is the perfect time to express interest in one of those positions; feel free to make inquiries and make your willingness to serve known to the District Leadership Committee (DLC).

Qualifications and Responsibilities for district officer positions can be found Here HERE.

TO APPLY: Send the 2 forms below to DLC Chair Rhonda Williams, DTM/PDD.

Send completed paperwork to before December 15, 2018 for full consideration by the DLC.

Questions? Feel free to ask Rhonda or any of the current district officers.

1 thought on “Call For Candidates: Future Leaders”

  1. For DFAB members interested in taking that first step out of the club, there will be a Leadership seminar tomorrow at Ottawa University starting at 8:30 — information on opportunities in the District, qualifications for DTMs in both programs and options for short term goals will be discussed along with various leadership skills. It’s not a TLI, but it’s a great first step into leadership. District leadership — Division and Area directors and other positions — are great opportunities to practice building teams and developing skills that can be used at work and in other organizations, AND you’re helping your fellow members reach their goals as well. Email me with questions or to RSVP about tomorrow –

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