2018 Proxy Vote

Will your club’s voice be heard at the Annual Business Meeting?

Every year, Toastmasters International holds a Business Meeting where every Toastmasters club in the world has the opportunity to vote on candidates for the Board of Directors and proposed amendments to the Bylaws of Toastmasters International. I can assure you, based on my three years on the District trio, there is a difference between candidates and changes to the Bylaws can greatly affect the direction of our organization.

Our District trio (Ed Thelen – District Director, Rozaline Janci – Program Quality Director and Kris Pool – Club Growth Director) will spend several hours at the International Convention interviewing candidates and attending the Candidate Showcase to make the most educated choices for us.

Refer to this guide to lead your club(s) through the voting process, so you’re prepared to participate.

Your options are:

  1. Assign your proxy to a club delegate
  2. Assign your proxy to another active Toastmaster
  3. Assign your proxy to the District Director

Assigning your club proxies is quick, easy and can be performed by your Club President or Secretary. From the Toastmasters International website, follow the path shown in the outlined red box below. Then choose one of the three options. With each option, you have the ability to direct the proxy holder’s vote (candidate or proposal) or leave the choices to their discretion.

While we encourage you to complete the proxy assignment as soon as possible, the last possible time is August 23, 6:00 pm. You will receive regular reminders to complete this proxy assignment. Once at the convention, proxy holders must visit Credentials, obtain an electronic voting device and participate in voting training (yes, training is required!) before this deadline. They must be present at the Annual Business Meeting to cast your votes. So if you assign your proxies to a club delegate or another Toastmaster, make sure they understand that they must be present to vote.

Keith Cumiskey, DTM
Immediate Past District Director