Speechcraft Assistance

Speechcraft is designed to teach public speaking skills to individuals who are not Toastmasters members. Experienced Toastmasters from your club present the fundamentals of public speaking in the atmosphere of a Toastmasters club meeting during four, six or eight sessions. Speechcraft brings prospective new members into your club to see, first-hand, what Toastmasters is all about. It is a great way to promote your club in your community or company.

Speechcraft is one of many modules in Toastmasters’ Success/Communication Series. In addition to a great membership-building tool for your club, the Speechcraft Coordinator leading the workshop can receive credit toward his or her Advanced Communicator Gold designation.

The Speechcraft Starter Kit (Item 205) is available from World Headquarters at the Toastmasters International store. It contains materials for five participants, and additional materials for more participants are available for sale separately. The starter kit includes 3 Coordinator Guides (Item 204), 10 Instructions for the Advisor (Item 208), 5 Workbooks (Item 204H), 1 Receipt Book, 15 Promotional Brochures (Item 207), 3 #1 Membership Building Tool (Item 203A), 5 Participant Certificates (Item 261), and 1 Coordinator Certificate (Item 260).

Materials For Your Use

Many of the very successful clubs in our district conduct Speechcraft programs regularly. One of those clubs is Sentry Toastmasters, club #4596. Terri Ballenger and other members of the club have conducted numerous Speechcraft programs and they have created some supplemental materials that they find helpful in conducting their workshops. Those members have agreed to share their materials with other clubs in the district. These materials supplement, and do not replace the Speechcraft materials available from World Headquarters. Persons conducting Speechcraft workshops still need to purchase materials from Toastmasters International.

These supplemental materials are provided in Word format so that they can be personalized for your club’s needs. Please make sure to credit Terri and the Sentry Toastmasters by including language attributing original authorship to her and the Sentry club and inserting “adapted for use by…” or something similar.

Here are some supplemental materials:

Sentry Toastmasters SpeechCraft Coordinator Guide, 2005 edition

Sentry SpeechCraft Participant Handbook, 2013 edition


The following appendices are from the participant handbook, and the Sentry club includes them as separate handouts in the participant folders:

Introducing the Speaker-Appendix A

Effective Speech Evaluations-Appendix B

Points to Note from the Demonstration Meeting-Appendix F

What is Toastmasters?-Appendix G


Appendices C-E are Role Sheets that are included as handouts in the folders, but the club also laminates copies and leaves them at the lectern during the meeting as a reference:

Role Sheet-Toastmaster-Appendix C

Role Sheet-General Evaluator-Appendix D

Role Sheet-TopicMaster-Appendix E


Additional materials not included as handouts in the participant folders:

Sample Newspaper Ad for Speechcraft


A great tool for planning meetings, this resource is also included in the Coordinator Guide:

Meeting Planning Grid for 4 to 10 Speechcraft Participants


Here is additional information about Speechcraft:

Speechcraft FAQs


The above materials can also be found in the Public Downloads section of this website in the Speechcraft folder.

If you have further questions, please contact Rhonda Williams at lgmd35@gmail.com.