Corporate Clubs

There are two types of clubs Toastmasters typically encounter.

One of them are community clubs, where everyone gathers to have a meeting in a public place.  Normally everyone is welcome to “drop” in, and see what the club is all about.

The other is corporate clubs, that are hosted at a company or place of business.  Sometimes these are open clubs, and sometimes they are closed to the public.  Corporate clubs have many different aspects and environments that can change from club to club.  Some corporate clubs are very structured, and focused on a theme, while others are more relaxed and similar to community clubs.

Either way you go, starting a corporate club can mean big changes to your organization.  It is a way to offer self improvement, increase productivity, get people to open up and communicate, and build relationships.  The benefits are undeniable, and the growth from employees means more open lines of communication.

It takes 20 members to start a club.  If you are interested, we can come put on a demo meeting at your organization, and see what kind of interest there is from others.  From there, once you get 20 members who are ready to sign up, we can start the charter process.

Contact Us if you are interested in starting a corporate club.