Club Coaching

Do you want to be a coach? Click here.

For any club that wants a Coach, should have 12 Members or Less

Did you ever ask yourself when thinking about your club- What more can we do? How do we get more members? How can we as officers manage this club easier and become even more dynamic and vibrant? The answer is a Club Coach

Having a club coach brings a fresh set of eyes to your club along with new energy, new perspectives and a lock-down will to succeed.

The club coach is a counselor, a source of knowledge and a fountain of ideas.

The coach brings ideas from around the District that have worked, Our D-35 coaches are a team, they share ideas with each other as well as share different methodologies that actually work to grow and revitalize your club.

Opening your club to a coach not only benefits your club but you will be helping a fellow toastmaster as well. A club coach is one of the choices a Toastmaster must fulfill to earn an Advanced Leader-Silver.

Let’s get every club with 12 members or less a coach so we can all get that first meeting excitement back as people enhance and advance through their communication and leadership skills.

Our District 35 Club Coach Chair is Judy Bauer, she will find a club coach for your club, if you do not have someone in mind already.

(a coach cannot be a current member of your club; however, they can join your club after they are assigned).

If your club would like a coach, please assure the club officer team is in consensus and have one of the officers (usually the President),

email Judy Bauer at Judy will immediately find a qualified coach for your club.