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District Director Kris Pool
Program Quality Director Teri McGregor
Club Growth Director

Theresa Flynn (including showcase interview)

Jennifer Kibicho (including showcase interview)

Janet O’Rourke (Floor Candidate) (including showcase interview)

Division A Director Barbara Judd
Division B Director Timothy Griep
Division C Director Robin Cosgrove
Division D Director Jason Feucht
Division E Director Leslye Erickson
Division F Director Robert Wall
Division N Director Karen Polege

For District Director

Kris Pool

As a member of Toastmasters since 2005, Kris Pool, DTM, has been active in three clubs, Cream City Communicators, Plymouth Toastmasters, and Sheboygan 2121. With a passion for helping other members develop their communication and leadership skills, Kris has held leadership roles of President, VP Education, VP Membership, and Treasurer which has given her the confidence and knowledge to mentor other members. Kris has held district leadership roles of E1 Area Director, Club Growth Director, and current Program Quality Director, District Secretary for two terms, Conference Site Selection Committee member, Nominating Committee member, and District Newsletter Editor for five years. Kris’s dedication, enthusiasm, and servant leadership attitude is a demonstration of the values that are embodied by Toastmasters.

With 20 years experience in the administrative field, she is currently an Office Assistant with the WI Dept. of Corrections – Probation and Parole.


For Program Quality Director

Teri McGregor

Claire Fagin is quoted as saying, “Knowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference.”  My goal as Program Quality Director is to empower members by arming them with the knowledge they need to make a difference in their own lives, the lives of others, our clubs and in the district. 

We are living in unprecedented times and I expect there to be a new normal. Toastmasters will not be exempt from experiencing big changes over the next year – just look at what we have done in the last month!

  I have been so impressed with the ability of our members to face these changes head on by remaining open-minded, optimistic and innovative in order to keep clubs moving forward.  While I don’t know what the future holds, I will be there to help members manage through the changes.  I am confident that we will emerge stronger and better equipped to strengthen our district.  I have the experience & skills necessary to support multiple people and teams as they strive to reach their goals in a changing environment. 

My plan for next year involves fostering a program that addresses the needs of the members of our district.  Specifically, you can look forward to:

  • A training and education program designed to address the opportunities we have in our district to retain current members, attract new members, start new clubs, and support existing clubs.
  • Provide a more consistent learning experience throughout the district. This includes offering “Train the Trainer” sessions and providing more education opportunities at the district level.
  • Pathways – I will continue the work of prior Program Quality Directors in sharing the benefits of Pathways. The online education program teaches, by practice, competencies and skills that are transferable to the workplace.  You can expect a program year that keeps Pathways at the heart of what we teach.   

Toastmasters offers a supportive environment where you can learn and practice leadership and communication skills.  Self-confidence is built as you grow and work on your self-development.  Since joining Toastmasters in 2011, I have found my voice and I have helped others do the same.  

I ask for your vote as the 2020/2021 Program Quality Director and I look forward to working with you to fulfill the district mission:  We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.

 Toastmasters Biography

  • 2019-2020:  District 35 Club Growth Director
  • 2018-2019:  Eastern Division Director
  • *Division Director of the Year
  • 2019:  District 35 Spring Convention Registration Chair
  • 2017-2018:  Area Director E3
  • 2016-2017:  VP Membership
  • 2014-2016:  Club President          
  • *2015-16 Select Distinguished Club
  • 2012-2014:  Club Secretary/Treasurer

For Club Growth Director

Theresa Flynn

Theresa Flynn’s Candidate Showcase Interview: click here

My volunteer and professional experience includes tech support, retail, local history, classroom support, data analysis, bookkeeping, and waitressing — I’ve learned how to research and share information and to serve and support others in many situations.

I’ve been a Toastmaster for six years, earning President’s Distinguished Area Director of the Year, President’s Distinguished Division Director of the Year, District 35 Toastmaster of the Year and Distinguished Toastmaster, all with amazing teams, but most importantly, I’ve helped others reach goals and step up to new challenges and opportunities.

Each year, I’ve traveled across the District, helping at Toastmasters Leadership Institutes, contests and other events, and after meeting so many great Toastmasters throughout Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula, I am able to reach out to amazing talent far beyond my clubs. Linking people — whether it’s help with Pathways, sharing information about available employment, or just introducing people who become fast friends — is a huge bonus in Toastmasters and something I love to do.
Toastmasters is the safe place to practice, and I’ve learned sometimes this means having a backup plan, maintaining communication with the team and being flexible. All of these tools can be leveraged to develop strong, fun clubs that help members reach their goals. This is the foundation of building new clubs and retaining members, and this is how I want to help District 35 next year.

Jennifer Kibicho

Jennifer Kibicho’s Candidate Showcase Interview: click here

Dear Fellow Toastmasters:

I am a member of 3 clubs, Resource Advanced, Milwaukee Metro Speakers and Southwest Toastmasters. I have served in various leadership roles at the club and district, including club mentor and club coach. I am the current Division F Director.


I joined Cream City Toastmasters in June 2014, nearly two years after a friend recommended I develop public speaking skills. I was not really interested in leadership despite have been a leader in high school

My love for service and leadership was rekindled when I started visiting clubs and participating in districtwide events as Area F4 Director, and flourished as I served as a club mentor and club coach, and now as Division F Director. As a researcher and educator, I recognize that embracing the Pathways education program has greatly enhanced my ability to effectively communicate to diverse audiences in my position as Assistant Professor at The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


As the Chief Marketing Officer of the District, the Club Growth Director is responsible for 2 of the 3 District Goals—Membership and Club Retention & Growth—which contribute to the third goal of Distinguished District.

Goal 1: Support & Motivate Existing Members to Develop Healthy Clubs

Because people join Toastmasters to become better communicators and stay when they experience a fun, nurturing, and supportive environment that fast-tracks their personal and career development, we need to:

  • Provide excellent member experience through proactively seeking and addressing feedback and meeting needs (conduct Membership Interest Surveys)
  • Incentivize and reward progress in club performance (e.g., increase from 2 to 4 DCP goals)
  • Incentivize and reward individual effort (e.g., sponsoring a new member)
  • Recognize and celebrate membership achievement in and out of Toastmasters
  • Increase leadership accountability to ensure that club officers are resourced to serve members (club success plan), Area Directors engaged with their Area clubs (Area Director Visits) and Division Directors collaborate with Area Directors to support club progress to Distinguished
  • Standardize new member orientation and mentorship
  • Develop a 2-3 year extended new club mentorship program to ensure long-term sustainability of newly chartered clubs

As we transition to Pathways in July 2020, we need to augment existing Club Growth and Club Retention Committees with:

  • Pathways Committee to support new members and existing members transition to the legacy education program
  • Technology Committee to assist clubs struggling to conduct virtual club meetings
  • Revamp the District 35 website as one-stop resource for member information needs

Goal 2: Strategic and Visionary Leadership to Expand Toastmasters to New   Partnerships

District 35 is strategically positioned to leverage Pathways leadership and communication curriculum to organizations seeking to:

  • cost-effectively develop employee leadership and communication skills
  • empower employees struggling to adopt to a virtual work and learning environment (e.g. institutions of higher learning)

Our District 35 is well positioned to assist and support individuals, communities, and organizations grappling with the adverse effects of the public health and economic crisis of COVID-19 pandemic, recover and thrive personally and professionally.


Without question, the leadership skills developed on my path to DTM fast-tracked my scholarly and professional career and enriched my personal life. I know first-hand the importance of competent and skilled administration as well as visionary and inspiring leadership. I have the skills and proven success record:

  • Division Director F Director—13/14 clubs (93%) in good standing; 10/14 clubs with 5 or more DCP goals; and 100% Area Director Visits
  • Club Mentor—club charted in June 2019 already earned 3 DCP goals
  • Club Coach—club has achieved 5 DCP goals and is on track to Distinguished

I continue to learn and evolve as a communicator and leader. Because of my own personal growth, I am eager to support our members continue to self-actualize and thrive by optimizing our Pathways communication and leadership curriculum; and to partner with organizations looking to empower their employees/students adapt to a virtual work/learning environment.

I would be honored to get your vote and serve as the next District 35 Club Growth Director.


Jennifer Kibicho


phone: 414-885-5870

Janet O’Rourke (Floor Candidate)

Janet O’Rourke’s Candidate Showcase Interview: click here


Experienced, enthusiastic Toastmaster with demonstrated non-profit leadership and passion for social responsibility. Strong people management and project management skills as a result of corporate experience with focus on training, mentoring, and continuous improvement. Completed requirements for Distinguished Toastmaster in February 2020.




District 35 (2015-2020)

Club Leadership

  • Currently member of 3 District Clubs.
    • Tosa/Medical (Club Secretary)
    • Resource Advanced Toastmasters (Club Secretary)
    • SpeakTV Media Masters (VP Membership)
  • Helped established corporate club at Harley-Davidson in 2016; served as initial President of Chrome Conversations. Coached Club to Distinguished Status in 2016-2017 Toastmasters Year.
  • Acting Area Director – Area D3
  • 4 Club Ambassador visits to date

District Leadership

Division D Director – 2019-2020 Toastmasters Year

District Activities:

  • Served on Planning Team for 2019-2020 DFAB TLIs
  • District 35 2016 Spring Conference Planning Team – Committee Chair, Logistics
  • Served as Functionary Roles in several Area, Division and District Contests.

  District 84 (2011 – 2015)

District Leadership

  • Division Director – 2014-2015 – Led Division to President’s Distinguished Status
  • Helped established initial corporate club at Winn-Dixie, served as Secretary from 2011-2014
  • Area 60 Director – 2013-2014

District Activities

  • Member of Conference Planning Team for 4 District Conferences.
  • Planned activities for: (1) First Timer Activities (2) Registration (3) Speech Contest Support
  • Acted as Chief Judge and other contest roles at numerous speech contests
  • Organized and presented demo meetings to potential new clubs

Penn State Alumni Association           July 2015-present
Board of Directors, Wisconsin Chapter
Board Secretary 2018-2020

  • Plan event calendar for Penn State Activities
  • Managed Scholarship Program 2016-2018
  • Planning team for Alumni Gala – raised $4,000 in 24-month period.

Santa Barbara Newcomers Club          July 2007 – June 2010
Board Member                                      February 2008-August 2009

  • Served as Treasurer 2008-2009
  • Served as President February – August 2009
  • Develop agenda and calendar for 450+ member organization
  • Act as community representative with local leaders
  • Planned large-scale and small-scale events to introduce newcomers to Santa Barbara.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE – Management roles in large corporate organizations

  • Oversaw shareholder meetings including preparation and mailing of proxy statement, meeting agendas, script, D&O questionnaires, minutes, ballots and other related matters.
  • Oversaw Board of Director meetings and preparation of meeting materials
  • Directed opportunities for leveraging automation to improve efficiencies in connection with corporate governance processes.
  • Obtained Yellow Belt Six Sigma Certification.


Pennsylvania State University                            University Park, Pennsylvania
B.A. French       Minor: Business

Sorbonne, University of Paris                             Paris, France
Certificate de la Langue Francaise, Degre Moyen

Ever since I was a teenager, I have been drawn to service leadership.  In high school, I volunteered at a community hospital, and after college, I became involved with my university’s alumni association.  When a job took me to California, I was involved in leading a 450+ non-profit that offered community service and helped new residents adjust to their surroundings. 

 About 8 years ago, I joined Toastmasters in eight years ago and knew immediately I had found a home and could serve and lead this organization. I was surrounded by a community of individuals who were looking to improve their personal and professional lives displaying the Toastmasters values of Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence. In 2015, after leading my division to President’s Distinguished status, my journey brought me here to Wisconsin and District 35. 

For the past 5 years, I have served District 35 as follows:

  • Presented officer training at District TLIs
  • Assisted in chartering a new District 35 club, served as the club’s President, and led that club to Distinguished level in its inaugural year
  • Served as Facilities Committee Chair for 2016 Toastmasters Fall Conference
  • Currently a Club Officer in 3 different clubs.
  • Current Division D Director
  • Supported numerous club, area, division and district speech contests

We are now in an unprecedented time in our state, our country and the world – and that includes Toastmasters.  As we emerge from being “safer-at-home” – I know I am looking forward to in-person communications again as well as continuing new technologies to strengthen our clubs and district.  I am running for Club Growth Director because I am passionate about making new clubs good, making good clubs better, and making better clubs the best. 

What will I do for District 35 as Club Growth Director? 

  • Focus on member retention and club growth
  • Grow sustainable new clubs through community outreach and corporate connections.
  • Strengthen existing clubs recognizing that each individual Toastmaster has unique development needs and desires

How will I accomplish this?

  • Develop a marketing plan for a post-COVID world
  • Offer resources for both strong and struggling clubs
  • Ensure dues are paid on time
  • Seek club member and officer input

In closing -why should you vote for me? 

  • I have always been able to make a difference. I have faced many challenges in my professional life, as well as in Toastmasters, and have used my creative spark, persistence and positive attitude to find solutions that resulted in a better organization.  I look forward to continuing to serve District 35!!

For Division A Director

Barbara Judd

For Division B Director

Timothy Griep

For Division C Director

Robin Cosgrove

Robin Cosgrove has been a Toastmaster since January 2016 and has served as VP Membership for 2 years; President for 1 year; and is currently serving as Central Division Area 5 Director. She has attained Competent Communicator and Competent Leader awards from the pre Pathways books.

Robin has taken various leadership roles in her church over the past 35 years. For 10 years, she lead a group of 50-55 women to Minneapolis MN for Women of Faith conference–retaining hotel rooms/travel/and food for her group. She also does women’s counseling at her church and has done so for over 20 years.

Robin has also taken leadership training for her position with the Capital Wealth Advisory Group.

Past awards and achievements.
In 1985 Robin received the “CAROL” (Citation for Achievement and Recognition for Outstanding Leadership) award issued by the Jaycee Woman’s Club.
Robin was also President of the local Christian Women’s Club with over 50 members.

Personal statement: I am excited for this incredible opportunity to serve Toastmasters in this capacity. As I was pondering whether to say yes to the nomination I heard a great Toastmaster convention speaker say “take the position and grow into it’…..this is exactly what I needed hear. I will do my best to serve our Central Division clubs and especially the club members in pursuit of our goals. I enjoy inspiring others and watching people achieve in ways they never thought possible I think I have a gift for building membership and hope I can inspire by showing the way to build and retain membership. I think this will be my focus for Central Division. Thank you for the opportunity to work with and serve some of the greatest people I have ever met.

For Division D Director

Jason Feucht

Greetings fellow Toastmasters!

My name is Jason Feucht and I am honored to have been nominated by the District Leadership Committee for the elected office of Division D Director for District 35 for the 2020-2021 Toastmasters Year.

As a Division Director I look forward to working with the Area Directors and Club Officers of Division D, and the rest of the district to strengthen our clubs and build on the past successes and opportunities that Toastmasters offers us.  If elected to this role, I look forward toward working with all Toastmasters in Division D to make, it the strongest division possible.  As part of the DFAB divisions of southeastern Wisconsin, we also have a unique opportunity to partner closely and learn from Toastmasters in the F, A, & B divisions.

I have been a Toastmaster since 2015, completing my DTM in the traditional program in March of 2019, and I am currently working on a second in Pathways.  I am a Charter Member of NM Speaks! the corporate club for Northwestern Mutual’s Milwaukee Campus.  I also served the District as Finance Manager for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 Toastmaster years.  I am currently the club coach for Pewaukee Speaks, and I was the club sponsor for Speak Up! The corporate club for Kohls.

Outside of Toastmasters, in my professional life, I am Assistant Director of Human Resources Services and Solutions at Northwestern Mutual where I lead a team of HR operations professionals.  I also serve as president of the board of directors and am a member of the Waukesha Area Symphonic Band, and am a member and past president of the Jubilate Chorale.

For organizations that I am involved in, I look for ways to give back to the organization in every way that I can.  I find my membership in Toastmasters as well as other groups, has been augmented by serving those organizations as a board member or in some other kind of leadership role.  It is a way for me to give back some of what I have gained from those organizations as well as learn, grow, and experience new challenges.

I request your vote in the upcoming election of district officers, as well as your support as Toastmasters and leaders if I have the honor of being elected for this role.

For Division E Director

Leslye Erickson

For Division F Director

Robert Wall

Short Summary
I’m a professional website designer/developer with a focus on customer training and
education. I’m a lifelong learner, and I also teach semi-regularly in a volunteer capacity.
I originally joined Toastmasters in 2007 to practice public speaking skills, but I didn’t expect the amount (and quality) of leadership development that also takes place in Toastmasters club meetings. With great people, a supportive atmosphere, and a crazy amount of fun, it’s one part of my week that I always look forward to!

But aside from the benefits I’ve gotten, the thing I love most about Toastmasters is watching people discover their potential. This program is one of the best self-development programs I’ve seen, and it’s amazing to see how fast (and how far!) new members progress.

Related Personal Achievements

  • Earned my DTM
  • Conducted non-Toastmasters corporate training events on the topics of parliamentary procedure and team cohesion
  • Presented a well-received educational session at the 2017 Fall Conference
  • Presented sessions four consecutive years at Zion-Benton Leadership Academy about overcoming fear and developing speaking skills


  • Held all of the club offices *except* Secretary
  • Attended training for all the officer roles (including Secretary/Treasurer) to get perspective
  • Conducted Speechcraft
  • Served as Club Coach for Heart Of Eau Claire Toastmasters
  • Served as Club Coach for Walworth County Toastmasters
  • Serving as Club Coach for SpeakTV Media Masters
  • Was instrumental in rebuilding Kenosha Toastmasters, first as VP-E, then as President


  • Served as Area Governor for Area N4 (2008-2009, when Eau Claire was in Northern)
  • Served as Division Director for Division F (2017-2018)


For Division N Director

Karen Polege

My name is Karen Polege, and I’ve been a Toastmaster for 3.5 years. In that time, I’ve served as club president, VP of Membership, and secretary. I’m also a club coach for a club that has just achieved Distinguished status for the first time in many years. As the current N1 Area Director, I’ve enjoyed getting to know Toastmasters in my Area, listening to their concerns and connecting them with resources. I am running for the position of Northern Division Director to continue to grow my leadership skills, support and strengthen the clubs of the Northern Division, and facilitate the opportunities for other Toastmasters that have been so meaningful to me.