Toastmasters Baseball League

The 2018-2019 Toastmasters Baseball League is here!  All bases are earned from July 1st 2018 except raiding clubs.  Raiding clubs starts October 1st, 2018.

Member earns a CC—1 base∗
Member earns an Advanced Communicator—2 bases∗
Member earns a CL,ALB or ALS Leadership Award—1 base∗
Member earns a DTM (either education program) — 1 homerun – 4 bases
New Member Joins Club(New, reinstated or dual)—1 base∗
4 or more officers trained at division officer training (per season) – 1 base
Member attends District 35 TLI in Madison – Dec 1st —1 base
Member attends District 35 spring convention —1 base
Open house is run by club (max 3 per year)—1 base per open house plus additional 2 bases for every member that joins on the date of open house.
5 DCP goals obtained by December 31– 3 homeruns (=12 bases) or
5 DCP goals obtained by March 31– 2 homeruns (=8 bases)
5 or more members raid another club—1 base ♦⊗
Run Speechcraft— 1 homerun (= 4 bases) ♦

TI Rule -Speechcraft workshops presented in the club require 5-10 participants. You can easily accommodate more participants in a workshop presented outside the club.

Member earns Pathways Level 1—1 base*
Member earns Pathways Level 2—1 base*
Member earns Pathways Level 3—1 base*
Member earns Pathways Level 4—2 bases*
Member earns Pathways Level 5—1 homerun (=4 bases)*

Every 4 bases earned equals one point
Every home run is 1 point (= 4 bases)
3 ways to get a home run – Run a speechcraft, get a DTM(either educational program), Becoming proficient in any path(completion of any path).

∗ For these goals clubs with 12 or fewer members earn an additional base.
♦ For these goals, e-mail with picture and date of speechcraft or raided club   banner and club officer  to to obtain credit.
⊗ Can only raid one club one time and bases can only be gained starting October 1, 2018.


20 Bases(5 points) —Ice Breaker Ribbon Set of 10
32 Bases(8 points) —Promotional Magnets – set of 20
40 Bases(10 points)–Static Cling Decal – set of 20
52 Bases(13 points)—Table Topics or Chat Pack cards
1 Home Run—$15 Target or Walmart gift card
2 Home Runs —$25 Target or Walmart gift card
3 Home Runs—$40 Target or Walmart gift card
4 or more Home Runs —$60 Target or Walmart gift card

TBL World Series Winner -Club with the most points by June 30, 2019—$200 Visa Gift Card
1st Runner up(2nd Place Winner)-  Club with second-most points by June 30, 2019—$100 Visa Gift Card


Do things that happened earlier count? Everything counts from July 1st 2018 except raiding Clubs. That starts October 1st 2018.

When will status be updated? Each week on Sunday evening, the current bases and homeruns will be updated on the District 35 website.

Are there any more ways to earn more homeruns? Maybe, it’s a long year. Keep an eye out!

How do I submit my base runs? E-mail TBL@DISTRICT35.ORG with details on your achievements plus pictures for events. Remember to send your club name.

How do I submit evidence of an Open House? To obtain credit for an open house, send the club name, date of the open house, evidence of how it was promoted, and a picture of the event to

How do I submit evidence of a raid? To obtain credit for a club raid, send the club name, raid date, members on the raid, and a picture in front of the raided club’s banner to NOTE: Members of a raiding club may not be a member of the club being raided. May only raid a specific club one time during the 2018-2019 year. Members of the raiding club may receive Toastmasters Ambassador Program credit for the same meeting.

How do I submit evidence of running Speechcraft? To obtain credit for running Speechcraft, send the club name, speechcraft dates, evidence of how it was promoted, and a picture of one of the meetings to

When do rewards get distributed? We will distribute rewards at Winter TLI, Spring Convention, and work with your area director to distribute rewards throughout the year.

If I am a member of more than one club, which club gets credit for me attending a conference or convention? All of the clubs you belong to at the time of the conference or convention will receive credit for you attending.



Club Name
Total Points
Total Home Bases
Univ./Wi-Stevens Point Club543
Cream City Communicators475
NM Speaks!413
Toastmasters In Control353
Generally Speaking Toastmasters323
ROK the Talk293
Fox Speak Toastmasters Club293
Allis Chalmers Toastmasters293
Royal Toastmasters293
Keynoters Club283
Reedsburg Area Club273
Ozaukee Toastmasters263
CNH Industrial Toast Team263
Waukesha Toastmasters Club254
The Breakfast Club254
Rasmussen College Toastmasters253
Landmark Toastmasters Club240
Southwest Toastmasters 233
Rumble Don't Mumble Toastmasters213
Finest In Speech180
Sabre Speakers170
Church Mutual Club170
Capital City Club140
Water City Speakers141
Plymouth Toastmasters Club131
Oak Creek Toastmasters131
Credit Union Center TM Club120
Eastside Madison Toastmasters Club120
La Crosse Area Toastmasters Club120
Toastmasters of the Northwoods120
Speak Up Milwaukee110
Sales Masters110
The Waukie Talkies110
Walworth County Toastmasters Club110
Chrome Conversations110
Smokey's Sensations110
Madison Achievers100
Sheboygan Club 2121100
Thriving Communicators100
Green Bay Yackers100
Sentry Toastmasters Club101
Tosa/Medical Club90
Southwest Area Toastmasters90
TT & SS on TAP90
Marq Our Words90
Speak TV Media Masters Toastmasters Club90
Leading Voices90
Spectacle City Club90
Southshore Toastmasters Club90
Resource Advanced Toastmasters Club91
Rockwell Automation A-B Club90
Heart Of Eau Claire90
Love of Laughter80
Hill Farms Club80
Uptowner Toastmasters Club80
Onalaska Toastmasters Club80
Toast of Milwaukee80
Speakez's Club80
SpeakEasy Toastmasters80
Marshfield Area Toastmasters80
Brookfield Toastmasters70
Superiorland Toastmasters Club70
Funny Business61
Janesville Toastmasters60
New Appleton Toastmasters Club60
Mid-Day Women's Alliance Toastmasters60
Schneider Toastmasters Club60
United Toastmasters60
Quad Squad50
Wisconsin Club50
Screamin' Eagle Speakers50
Talkers & Shakers50
Babbling Badgers50
The Bulk Electric Speakers (BES)50
Advanced Leadership Toastmasters50
JDF - Madison50
Madison Club #150
North Shore Badgers 50
Fond Du Lac Toastmasters Club 49850
Milwaukee Metro Spkrs Club50
Eclectic Image Club50
Red Cedar Toastmasters50
New Richmond Toastmasters50
Oconomowoc Toastmasters Club40
Pewaukee Speaks40
Toast to United Heartland40
Risers From The West Club40
Wingra Turning Point Toastmasters40
Rolling Hills Toastmasters Club40
Riverview Toastmasters40
Toast On Tap40
Kimmunicators Club40
Talk of the Town40
Racine Club40
Ayres Associates Toastmasters Club40
Menomonee Falls Toastmasters30
Well Toasted30
FedEx Delivers30
Pro Speaks30
Expressions Club 976930
Gift of Gab Club30
Sunburst Club30
Kenosha Toastmasters30
Franklin Toastmasters30
Stevens Point Toastmasters Club30
Wisconsin Rapids Area Toastmasters Club30
Direct Supply Champion Chatters Club20
GE Speaks Toastmasters Club20
Chippewa Valley Club20
Charter Chatter10
Empower Train Toastmasters Club10
High Pointe Club10
Words On Water Sauk Prairie Area Toastmasters10
Summit Seekers10
Prairie Swale Club10
Viroqua Area Toastmasters10
The Best "U"10
Bay De Noc Toastmasters10
Copper Country Toastmasters10
Hansen's Toastmasters10
Wausau Morning Toastmasters Club10
3M Menomonie Toastmasters10
Words Properly Spoken Toastmasters00
Delivering Toastmasters Excellence00
Speak Up!00
Trek Toastmasters00
Organically Speaking00
Milwaukee Engineer00
Baird Speaks00
Manitalkers Toastmasters Club00
Deere Tales00
Eau Claire Toastmasters Club00