Seed the Lead

How many toastmasters will win a $185.00?

Would you like to start a toastmaster club at your work place or start a community club? The district is providing a tiered incentive to help build new clubs in the district.

The “Seed the Lead” Competition is an incentive for all Toastmasters in District 35 to engage in the club building process. It is a tiered incentive. The lead submitter does not have to remain engaged beyond the lead generation step. Below are the payoff tiers.

  • Supply a Qualified Lead. To start a club. This will be sowing the seed for growing a new club. Definition of “qualified” is at the discretion of the Club Growth Director – Receive $ 10
  • This Qualified Lead results in a Demo meeting. Demo meeting must have at least 15 interested attendees – Receive $ 25
  • Demo meeting results in a completed Organizational meeting. “Completed” is defined as (1) Club votes on a club name (2) Club votes on meeting times, days and location (3) Club elects a complete slate of officers – Receive $ 50
  • Club charters – Receive $ 100.

So therefore if you supply me with a qualified lead that grows into a chartered club you will have won a total of $ 185.

Download the Club Lead form from the District 35 website. Complete the contact information, how you came in contact with the organization and a description of why this organization is interested in Toastmasters. Email the form to Rozaline Janci at

Payment is in the form of a gift card of the Club Growth Director’s choice at the time the lead is declared “dead” or a club charters.