Public Relations Contest 2019

Time to charge up your Toastmaster’s club’s public relations tools! Is your club website and/or social media presence top notch? Let’s show other clubs how it is done by entering into the annual District 35 PR CONTEST.

This fun and friendly competition will give your club some exposure and the opportunity to win awards in the categories of:

Tip: Focus on Toastmasters Branding, Visual Appeal, and Contact Info. Use the attached category files for judging criteria. Start making changes and improvements to your website and/or social media now for the greatest impact.

Winners will be selected as below:

Best Website: 1st Prize – $50 and 2nd Prize – $25

Best Social Media: Based on your club’s age

Category – 1: 0 – 2 years (1st Prize – $50 and 2nd Prize – $25)

Category – 2: 2 – 5 years (1st Prize – $50 and 2nd Prize – $25)

Category – 3: 5+ years (1st Prize – $50 and 2nd Prize – $25)

See the District 35 website for more details about the qualifying criteria and judging criteria for each award. The submission deadline is March 31, 2019. Please use this entry form, fill it for your club’s submission of Best Social Media and/or Best Website and email your entry form to Kamal Soan, District 35 PR Manager at

The entries will be mentioned on District 35 Facebook Page as they are received. Upon closure of the contest, a panel of contest judges will determine the winners with first and second place awards being presented at the Spring District Convention in May. If you have comments/questions/suggestions about the contest, please contact Kamal Soan, District 35 PR Manager at