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Thanks to an awesome team of Pathways Guides and Ambassadors!

You may not know them all by name, but they were an amazing group of Toastmasters.

Members volunteered six months of their time to learn about Pathways, conduct in-person visits, and provide virtual support as well as additional communication about this new educational program. They donated their time during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to prepare for their roles, and exceeded the launch goals by 28%. They delivered educational sessions for every winter TLI session district-wide, and included all the clubs in Michigan. They came out in droves during the Madison TLI session to answer questions, and did the same at the Fall Conference and Spring Convention.

They put in their time to learn Base Camp and Pathways - we invite you to learn, too!

To ensure a quality experience with Pathways, we invite each member to:

  • Review the Navigator. Share it with new members to help them learn how our Toastmasters program is designed to help them grow.
  • Create your universal profile including uploading a photo within Base Camp (Base Camp Managers should upload a photo, too!)
  • Take your personal assessment and select your learning path (review the catalog of and other resources if needed – posed at
  • Become familiar with all the evaluation tools available for immediate download within Base Camp
  • Spend some time viewing the tutorials built into Base Camp
  • After you hold a leadership role in the club (e.g., Timer, Grammarian, Toastmaster, etc.), document the date inside of Base Camp (click on gear in upper right corner and select “My Account”)
  • Remember to complete both the “Before” and “After” assessments and click “Submit” for every project
  • Encourage visitors to view the dynamic new projects, Base Camp features, and Ice Breaker, which are available for preview at


I wish to thank our Guides and Ambassadors for all their efforts. Their eagerness, tenacity to learn, and passion for the new curriculum has been an inspiration!


Angela Graham

Craig Carpenter

Jeff McRaven

Jesse Franklin

Judy Bauer

Kathy Shine

Kelly Huttelmaier

Kimberly Thomas

Kris Pool

Lori Geddes

Steve Wittmann

Tina Palmgren

Tom Carlson

Tom Gust



Kyna Shnayderman

Scott Kazin

Sierk Oudemans

The Skrauss

Theresa Flynn

Wendy Benkowski