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Thanks for being a part of my Toastmaster journey

As the Toastmaster year winds down to the last few days, it is a good opportunity to reflect. Our role as District leaders is to provide an environment where each member can grow in their communication and leadership skills. If we create and develop friendships, professional networks and have a little fun along the way ... that's an added bonus. I believe we have done this.

It has been a year of change ... the introduction of a new education program, Pathways; our first one-day conference; our last fall conference. I've had the opportunity to witness the growth in many of you first hand. Toastmasters truly is a place "where leaders are made".

The year has been challenging and rewarding for me as my own leadership skills have been stretched. Thank you, because each of you contributed to that in some way. You have all been a part of my Toastmaster journey. And now, I'm looking forward to the next chapter in my Toastmaster story.

Thank you Keith!

This has been a year of incredible learning, but we should wait until after the celebratory whiskey tasting to see what doesn't get washed away so we can use the new skills and knowledge this next year. Prosit.  Sveiks.

Slainte mhath.  Good craic, boyo.