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Speechcraft Counting Towards a Path

I don't know if this is more of a Pathways question, but it came up recently.  If somebody joins via a Speechcraft, how many (if any) of the Speechcraft speeches apply towards their Path?

Pretty sure it's just the Icebreaker.

I think that is correct. Kathy Shine can confirm. FWIW, there was a lot of discussion about that at our mid-year training in January. Many districts are not pleased with the current answer.

Somebody said (I don't remember who), that they would sign-up Speechcraft participants right away as members. So I guess they charged $45.00 for the 8 week speechcraft course. Then everything participants did counted in Pathways, at the end of Speechcraft they were full-fledged members, well off on their way thru their chosen path. Plus the 8-week session served as a good "new-member start-up" course.

I guess this would be okay if you can get 5-8 participants to pay $45.00 for Speechcraft and informing them that they will be getting an email from TI that would guide them in choosing a path. What they did with new Member fee I don't know ??

Perhaps that person could answer.....did they charge $20.00 new-member fee after the Speechcraft ? but then they wouldn't get a free path right away.