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pop up blockers

I was sent this last week

Internet speeds vary depending on your internet service provider and the country you live in. Some items on Base Camp may take longer to load than others.

Before launching this item, ensure that your pop-up blocker is turned off.

You may have to turn off pop up blockers a few times if you are still having trouble getting into areas in your path or looking at tutorials. Especially if you are limiting what you allowing for pop-up blockers.

I am going to assume the same will apply to a multitude of adblockers and other type of script blockers.  Some examples would include ublock origin, adblock plus, ghostery, privacy badger, NoScript.  Browsers like Brave and Opera have ad-blocking built in to their code base.

Not only do these prevent pop-ups, but they will also prevent communication between your browser and the server, making it difficult to fill out records without you configuring your browser add-in settings.