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Pathways and Club Elections

As your club finishes officer elections, consider adding in some "deputy" level positions to improve how Pathways gets integrated into your club culture.  A deputy VPE could be responsible for hands-on Pathways support, helping new members with getting online and helping existing members with any questions about the system.  A deputy VPPR could work with members completing "outside facing" Pathways projects to publicize Toastmasters at those events.  Even a deputy SAA can work on tech solutions for virtual and wifi challenges. Watch for recurrent stress points in your club and bring in people to solve those problems.

Pathways and Club Central require that the main roles stay in their lane about specific tasks -- VPE, president and secretary are Base Camp Managers, only officers can work on Club Central changes -- but depending on your club's needs, there are lots of opportunities to bring additional members into supportive roles.  The benefit is that next year, they're ready to step up and receive full credit toward their Officer position and they have a better grasp of their responsibilities.