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International Speech contest 2020 ... District and beyond

I know our division and district contests have been cancelled. I recently read information about the semi-finals and finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking in the Club News Leader Letter from Toastmasters International. Is the decision not to hold a District International Speech contest made on a district-by-district basis? The letter would imply that other districts are holding contests and sending speakers to the next level.

Hi Keith - Yes, under the direction of Toastmasters International, each district held a special meeting of the District Executive Committee to vote on how to proceed with all events planned between March 14 and June 1.  More information about the decisions made by our district's DEC can be found under the Coronavirus Action Center tab located at the top of this web page.  Please let us know if you have more questions.

Thank you,


Thanks Teri. Out of curiosity ... do we have any idea how many districts are holding International Speech contests?

You're welcome - I'm sorry, but we don't have any idea how many districts are holding these contests.  That information has not been shared with us yet.