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Incentivizing Filling Roles

In our current officer meeting, we spent some time discussing how to get people excited to take roles before the meeting.  Getting people to commit to roles is a challenge most clubs deal with that I have had experience with.

In the past, ROK the Talk has held multiple incentive programs locally to their club with decent success.  We are looking for newer ideas to help get people to sign up for roles within the meetings without badgering them to do so.

Last Year, we have used Bingo cards with roles positions randomly placed.  As you performed that role, you got the block checked off.  Prizes were awarded for those who got a bingo line, and another for those who managed to black out their entire card.

A year or so ago, we did a "game of roles" where members were randomly put into small groups, and those groups became the families.  The families then performed speeches and filled roles to gain points.  This put the families in a friendly competition with each other.  Small prizes were awarded to the families, with a different prize for the leader.

Anyone have any other ideas to incentivize people signing up for roles?

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Teri McGregorRhonda Williams

Great ideas!  Thanks for sharing Matt.  We did bingo at Leading Voices last year and it seemed to go over well.  I would love to hear what others have tried.

Menomonee Falls Toastmasters is doing a baseball league. Our club has 2 teams, the Honey Badgers and the Dilly Bars. If you sign up at 48 hours in advance and then show up at the meeting and perform the role you get to steal a base. For example, Toastmaster is 2 bases. If you sign up ahead you get 3 bases for it. Timer is 1 base, but sign up ahead and earn 2 bases, etc.

It's helping but we're having some low participation since March. We usually get a lag in summer anyway, and now the Covid-19 pandemic has some of our members working more hours than usual. It seems that the people who attend most meetings are getting good at signing up in advance. Slow but positive progress - I'll take it.