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How would we do ballots and evaluations in a “mixed-mode” where members are split between Pathways and the manual-based program?

a) No change to ballots.
b) If your club uses the "traditional" small slips of paper with torn-section evaluations, these may continue to be used to provide feedback to members. An option to take feedback further: use the feedback feature built into Base Camp and provide more feedback online.
c) The evaluation form for presentations in Pathways should be discussed and decided upon by the club. Most of the clubs I work with have passed a motion that the member is responsible for bringing their evaluation form to the meeting. There is a specific evaluation form for each Pathways project.
d) Members who continue in the traditional program will continue to bring their manual which contains the evaluation form for their specific speech or leadership project.

I would consider one option to create a club's own evaluation form similar to the Pathways Evaluation Form but with .  From my observations, the Evaluation process has to be greatly improved.  Most speakers give a speech for the purpose of getting evaluations.  We need to give much better oral as well as written evaluations.