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Cross-posted from Club Coaching forum ... Speechcraft and Pathways.

Somebody said (I don't remember who), that they would sign-up Speechcraft participants right away as members. So I guess they charged $45.00 for the 8 week speechcraft course. Then everything participants did counted in Pathways, at the end of Speechcraft they were full-fledged members, well off on their way thru their chosen path. Plus the 8-week session served as a good "new-member start-up" course.

I guess this would be okay if you can get 5-8 participants to pay $45.00 for Speechcraft and informing them that they will be getting an email from TI that would guide them in choosing a path. What they did with new Member fee I don't know ??

Perhaps that person could answer.....did they charge $20.00 new-member fee after the Speechcraft ? but then they wouldn't get a free path right away.

I am unaware of clubs that run Speechcraft and allow their members to apply all those speeches toward the Pathways curriculum. According to World Headquarters, the only speech that is transferable from Speechcraft into Pathways is the Ice Breaker - nothing else.

My suggestions: find out the reality of the original comment posted. We are to uphold the values of Toastmasters, and this includes the integrity of the educational programming. There are many elements of club meetings and membership building practices that are at the discretion of the club . . . unfortunately, the scenario posted by Keith is not supported by Toastmasters.

In the club coaching forum, Jeff McRaven posted the initial question, the cross post (above) was from Judy Bauer. Since she indicates "I don't remember who" ... it might be difficult to track down the reality of the comment. I will contact Jeff and Judy and copy you.

If the club is signing up new members for the 6 or 8 week "program" and they are tracking Pathways as any new member would (assessments and documentation), they are in compliance. It shouldn't matter if they call it Speechcraft or Boot Camp, it would be an accelerated form of Toastmasters. Seems kind of stressful to me but to each his own.

Since we're less than 6 weeks removed from the rollout of Pathways in our District, I suspect the scenario described above is more likely a pre-Pathways approach.

On the coaching conference call last night, it was suggested this might be the Reedsburg club. I will confirm.

The Pathways / Speechcraft issue was raised by many district leaders at mid-year training in January. At least at that time, it appears WHQ hadn't come to grips with satisfying the desire to apply Speechcraft activities to the Pathways model (other than the Ice Breaker).

I know at Reedsburg we do set up our speechcrafters as new members we registered them pre Pathways. all our members are continuing in manuals for now.

Rolling Hills is registering them after and they have the paper work filled out to give them credit for Ice Breaker only.

I am not aware of any others that are allowing credit for all.