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Can't find Takers for Virtual Support

As a guide, I have to complete 15 sessions of virtual support to get credit.  At all my club visits, the regional TLI, and in numerous e-mails, I have offered to remote into meetings and talk about Pathways.  Nothing.  I work PC tech support and have offered to do tech support for people.  1 session.

I started doing "Pathways Primers".  These are recorded conference calls where I present on a subject related to Pathways.  I'm particularly proud of one of them.  I've done a total of five of them.  I had good turnout for one but the other four have had either one person or nobody.  They are Sunday night at 7:00 p.m. and last no more than 15 minutes.

At this point, I have conducted only six virtual support sessions.  Does anybody have suggestions for how I can bring that number up?

Jeff:    Tom Carlson here

I am having a similar experience, no responses on all but one.  Maybe we did such a good job on our Pathways Introduction.  Or another possibility is members have not really gotten into Pathways to have any questions that could not be handled by the Base Camp Team.  I offered to do a special Virtual Support Session for all the members of one club, no takers.

For members who are reading this, I understand these are the steps to follow.  Ask your Base Camp Manager first.  If that does not answer the question, then submit the question to the Pathways Guide at least by the day before.  This gives the Pathways Guide a chance to find the correct answer.

I expect to go beyond the required 15.  Would even like to have a FreeConferenceCall during a club meeting.  Your reaction?

Hello Mr. Carlson.  My mom says "Hi!"  After Dad died, she moved to North Carolina to be with her sister.  Apparently, she prefers the weather in NC to that in Wisconsin.  Go figure.

I set up an account with and can recommend it.

It is certainly frustrating.  My fear is that I've gone to all this work and because I can't get takers on the virtual support requirement, it will count for nothing.    I'm stumped.

To all Pathways Guides . . . especially Jeff and Tom . . . your efforts matter . . . please continue to conduct the virtual support sessions and record them, even if no one attends. That might sound odd. But please follow me on this thought for a moment.

Not everyone is ready to start Pathways - yet. Members are just getting themselves oriented - but they'll need your insight and advice down the line. But here's the catch.

Right now, I don't believe members or officers completely understand that our positions are TEMPORARY - we won't be in this position to help folks in 3 months from now - or 6 - or 12 - or in 2 years! Our roles end in May . . . that's just 7 weeks away!

RECORD every session you want to conduct. Pretend you have an active, alert, and attentive group of leaders who are curious and want to figure this program out. Answer questions you've had to research. Tell a story of how you've worked through your assessment and discoveries you've had. Show folks how to finish a project, a level, or the second "mystery step" of needing to submit the actual award designation inside of Club Central. Paste photos of your club members on the wall in front of you, and put question marks above their heads. Believe me . . . it helps.

Don't wait for people to attend your session. Tell them you're offering to help, then record. Post the links to your recorded sessions in a place where your clubs can find them - perhaps email them - consider posting the link to this forum or elsewhere so folks can garner your wisdom down the line.

Just in the last 2 weeks I've seen a shift in the types of questions I'm fielding - from the curious "what if" to "how do we". The "how" questions show the members are using the program. The "what" questions are looking at it from afar.

I promise. The questions are coming. I've been fielding more in-depth "process" questions now that some of the clubs are gearing up. Just finished my own Level 1, and surprise! The expectation of what our Base Camp Manager would see is not what they get. Now what? We need to help them anticipate the questions they don't know to ask - yet. I've talked about it from the get-go . . . clubs need a strategy to check and monitor member performance/progress, etc. You're in this role to help them figure it out . . . even if they're not ready to hear the possibilities.


I appreciate all you're doing, and down the road, they'll thank you, too!