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Can a Base Camp Manager see the progress of their members on their path?

Yes indeed! Base Camp Managers can view level progress as well as the progress within the level for members.

The progress within the level is listed as a percentage of the curriculum completed. This is an area Base Camp Managers may want to monitor, especially for members who are giving their Level 1 projects, but are not listed with a percentage complete. Remember, even if the member is giving the speech for a project and receiving the evaluation, no progress will be recorded until the member relaunches the project and completes the "Assess Your Skills - After" section . . . and advances to the last page of the project.

If Base Camp Managers see zero percent in the "Curriculum Completion Percentage" column and know the member has completed a project, it's a great time to encourage the member to log in and complete the "After" assessment. It just takes a minute or two!

Where do you see the report?

1) Log in as a Base Camp Manager for your club

2) Select the "Member Progress" icon

3) My preference: in the upper right corner, select the "Options" tab, then Refresh (to generate the most current report for all Levels)

4) On the Level 1 "Individual Progress" dashboard, open the "ghost" tab (upper right corner in the Level 1 field), select "View Details"

5) The full chart is displayed - the percentage view is helpful when officers are assessing progress toward goal completions