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Are there limits on how many speeches or projects I can complete outside my club?

Unlike the traditional educational program in which members are limited to only 2 speeches per manual outside the club, Pathways does NOT place restrictions on where members present speeches. In fact, based upon the model, clubs may want to encourage presentations in the community, and especially for corporate clubs, in the workplace environment.

Outside club speeches must still be evaluated. If it is impractical for a second Toastmaster to be present for an out-of-club presentation, members should record their presentation. Consider capturing the audience and their response in addition to the speech!

Note: Some clubs may have a set policy related to limitations on how many speeches can be completed outside the club. Please speak with your VPE for information, and remember to complete the "external meeting" request and get approval PRIOR to the presentation outside the club. (Each must be approved by a Base Camp Manager.)