Do you want to serve as a club Coach?

Club coaching is an exciting, fun, and wonderful opportunity to assist a struggling club that has 12 or fewer members to grow and become a distinguished club.

The coach is a counselor, a source of knowledge and a fountain of ideas. To be successful as a coach you will need to use your speaking, thinking and listening skills, plus determination and patience.

Coaching a struggling club back to health is your opportunity to:

  • Develop team-building skills
  • Expand leadership experience
  • Increase proficiency as a facilitator and negotiator
  • Develop diplomacy skills
  • Share expertise
  • Invest in the future of Toastmasters
  • Earn credit toward the path to DTM

After we receive your Club Coach Appointment form (below), Toastmasters International will send you a Club Coach Manual, a Club Coach Pin, and additional coaching documents. Judy Bauer is our Club Coach Chairperson and she will hold regularly scheduled conference calls for all assigned club coaches to ask questions, gain new ideas, and share best practices and successes.

The following is a summary of what a coach must do

  • Build rapport with the club’s leaders and members.
  • Assess the environment—observe, analyze, and recommend solutions. Coaches do not tell the clubs what must be done, but instead offers various suggestions for improvements; the club officers and members need buy-in and must decide what they want to implement. It is still their club.
  • Develop a plan with goals for improvement. Implement the plan and ensure that the changes are performed by the officers and members as much as possible. Instill enthusiasm, loyalty, and a sense of responsibility for the club’s future.
  • The appointment lasts until June 30 of the current club year if the club becomes a Distinguished Club or better by that date. If Distinguished Club recognition or better is not reached in the current club year, a coach may be reassigned an additional year to June 30 of the following year.
  • The coach may not be a member of the club at the time of appointment but may join the club after being assigned. The club must have 12 or fewer individuals who have paid for membership at the time of the appointment.
  • A coach receives a pin upon assignment. Coaches should wear their pin proudly to club meetings and all Toastmasters events.
  • You will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the assignment.
  • A successful coach also receives credit toward the Advanced Leader Silver award in the traditional education program or credit towards DTM in the Pathways program.

Club Coach Appointment Form

To be a Coach, fill out a Club Coach Appointment Form, and email it to our Club Coach Chair David Reed at

David will ensure the form gets signed and submitted to Toastmasters International immediately. If you do not have a club in mind to coach, Judy can help find a club in your area to coach.

Remember the club to be coached must have at least one member and no more than 12 members. Ask your Area Director if any clubs in the Area are at 12 or fewer members or be proactive and check out the dashboards and see for yourself at NOTE: A club officer must request a club coach before a coach can be assigned to that club.

An excellent resource for club coaches with club coach guidance and instruction, please read “How to Rebuild a Toastmasters Club.”

Club Coach Incentive

A coach receives a pin upon assignment and a certificate upon successful completion of the assignment (awarded after the June reports are finalized with International). A successful coach also receives credit toward the Advanced Leader Silver award or DTM requirement in Pathways. But more than that, you get the experience of successfully coaching a group back to health. This experience helps you to develop your skills as a counsellor and facilitator. These are skills that could be transferred directly to other aspects of your life.

For additional information or if you have questions, please contact Club Growth Director Teri McGregor at