2017 Fall Conference Speakers & Marketplace

Educational Sessions

Promoting and Prospecting with Social Media
by Kris Pool, DTM

What do your members use for social media? Do you promote your members in the community? How do you cultivate your club online presence? All of these questions will be addressed in this interactive workshop to develop a strategic social media marketing plan. We’ll focus on Facebook and LinkedIn to showcase both your members and your club.

Toastmasters for the Long Haul
by Katie Castern, CC, ALB

Hear from a panel of seasoned Toastmasters who have been involved for ten or more years. Learn what they’ve gotten out of Toastmasters, how they’ve seen themselves change, what motivates them to stay involved, their advice for you on your Toastmasters journey, and what they see for the future of Toastmasters and the new Pathways curriculum.

Parliamentary Procedure For The Rest Of Us
by Robert Wall, DTM

Many Toastmasters want to run their meetings more efficiently but are intimidated by Robert’s Rules of Order. Session attendees learn why parliamentary procedure is so important and receive a high-overview of the motions to feel confident using it in their own meetings.

‘I Beg Your Pardon?’: Verbal and Non-verbal Intercultural Communication
by Amina Ahmed, ACS, ALB

Our society has become increasingly diverse because of international trade, human migrations, and advances in communications and technology. The need of the day is learning how to communicate effectively with people from cultures other than our own in the workplace, at our children’s schools, in our neighborhoods, you name it. Come to this session and find out how to decode what the other person is saying and reply accordingly, thus successfully communicating across cultures!

We’re All in Sales
by John Scott, ACS, ALS

Have you ever wondered how you can be a more impactful both in Toastmasters and in life? How to inject more life in the events you participate in and lead? The skills and techniques that are a part of selling can help you do just that! Together we will learn how the concepts of Active Listening, Empathy, Reflective dialog and Invitation can breathe new life in your activities and will lead to team building and personal fulfillment.

Marketplace Exhibits

by Sentry Toastmasters, Club# 4596

Have you been thinking about running a SpeechCraft program or enhancing your existing program? We will have tenured Sentry Toastmasters members on hand to explain what SpeechCraft is and how it benefits clubs in meeting their membership and education goals. We’ll highlight the requirements of the program and have handouts available with more information about SpeechCraft and where to find online resources to help clubs get started.


Connecting the Dots: Distinguished Clubs = a Distinguished District
by District Leadership

This exhibit will illustrate how being a Distinguished Club is a pivotal driver to being a Distinguished district. You’ll learn how the best practices at the club level translate to the success of our district and how the dashboard can be used as a tool for success.


Distinguished Club Toolkit
by DEC Distinguished Clubs Team

Are you looking to become a distinguished club this year? This exhibit will demonstrate the purpose of and specific tools the exhibitors have developed to assist Club Officers. Drawing on broad experience, the exhibitors have created an evergreen online resource that evolves as needs change.


Create Your Toastmaster Video Biography for Your Club’s Website
by SpeakTV Media Masters, Club #1498402

Make your club’s website more personal and engaging to new and prospective members by creating video biographies! At this interactive marketplace exhibit, you’ll craft a rough Toastmaster autobiographical speech, trim it to 30 seconds, record it on a cell phone, and post the video to your YouTube channels so your club can link to the video.


Corporate Clubs
by Deere Tales & Menomonee Falls Toastmasters

Are you currently in or interested in joining or starting a corporate club? Each corporate club has its own set of challenges and unique situations. At this marketplace exhibit, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss these with other members of cor